E&P Goddesses - A Poll



@Razor please take me off the mentions list thank you


I’ve added a Live feed within the Site that will change as the leader changes. Current status… as of 6:37PM MST - RaZoR


What, no Sigrum on there? Sultry little minx she is too :heart_eyes:


Hawkmoon has held the lead most of the event, Hel has come back though?! What the Hel :wink:


Hel’s design is too loli for me, she could’ve been so much more… Charlize has it down in Thor 3, Angelina also has it in Maleficent, but her design in that is too close to Sartana. Hawkmoon… well, kind of just a clone of Belith, who I wasn’t really a fan of in the earlier rounds, Alasie is just a bit on the plain side for me (Li Xiu is more “beautiful”), now Kadilen is different, I like Elven females, and I believe she have the best design out of the 4 contestants in this round. Although it’s probably a loss cause, my votes all went to her.


:smile: Totally love your reviews @Shohoku79! I agree she could have been so much more as well - Charlize & Angelina - nice references. I’m certainly a fan of Elven females myself. You just never know - I’ve been surprised a couple times in these polls. It’s not over till its over!


Hawkmoon back in the lead just by a hair…