E&P Goddesses - A Poll



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I’ve added a Live feed within the Site that will change as the leader changes. Current status… as of 6:37PM MST - RaZoR


What, no Sigrum on there? Sultry little minx she is too :heart_eyes:


Hawkmoon has held the lead most of the event, Hel has come back though?! What the Hel :wink:


Hel’s design is too loli for me, she could’ve been so much more… Charlize has it down in Thor 3, Angelina also has it in Maleficent, but her design in that is too close to Sartana. Hawkmoon… well, kind of just a clone of Belith, who I wasn’t really a fan of in the earlier rounds, Alasie is just a bit on the plain side for me (Li Xiu is more “beautiful”), now Kadilen is different, I like Elven females, and I believe she have the best design out of the 4 contestants in this round. Although it’s probably a loss cause, my votes all went to her.


:smile: Totally love your reviews @Shohoku79! I agree she could have been so much more as well - Charlize & Angelina - nice references. I’m certainly a fan of Elven females myself. You just never know - I’ve been surprised a couple times in these polls. It’s not over till its over!


Hawkmoon back in the lead just by a hair…


E&P Friends! It is another down to the wire battle between 2 of our lady heroes.

With 4 voters that can weigh in and cast up to 7 votes each!

So reach out to your E&P friends if you have a favorite - it can be over very soon.

Hel 34% vs Hawkmoon 34.16%

Empires-and-Puzzles-Hel Empires-and-Puzzles-Hawkmoon

That will set us up with the last Round #6.

Once that is completed. We then roll into playoffs. Which will bring back in a portion of the losers, all the winners and several of the 2nd place contestants.

NOTICE: If there is a volunteer that would like to make suggestions for the playoff rounds as well assist in deciding who gets to be included in the playoffs - let me know!

Once we Queen the winner and Princess the runner up…

Then the Men of E&P will be introduced as the Brawling Bachelors! Shorter rounds. And that will result in: E&P’s COUPLE OF THE YEAR 2018!
Cheesy - YES! Will it be fun - YES!



@Shohoku79 you are my first thought when it comes to setting up or suggesting the playoffs! So let me know my man!

Otherwise anyone else out there let me know. More than 2 sets of eyes can be used to select the final contestants - I will also have the stats available as a guide - not a decision maker.


ROUND #6>>>>>>>>
Some of the ladies will be left out.
Following is my final list which needs 1 more contestant…

  1. Elena
  2. Guinevere
  3. Vivica
  4. YOU DECIDE???

Lady Locke
---------------- Was going to leave the following out… don’t have too


Hmm, last rounds contain some heavyweights… You almost can’t go wrong with any of them, each has the potential to take round 6. Like any competition, there has to be a less obvious choice to help take the heat off some of the others to make it interesting.

Sabina - Can’t really justify considering Lady Locke without also considering her.
Sartana - Well, she’s what Hel was supposed to be in terms of design (sure, my own opinion)
Scarlet - Essentially her twin sister Sigrun in a red cloak.
Jenneh - Never said anything about this being a 3* and above only, she’s like a lighter and prettier version of Skittleskull.
Sharan - Everyone’s first hero (and a healer at that) and not a bad one to look at either.
Layla - Deadly black hair hooded ladies makes fanboys yell hurray in their inner voice. Honestly, if I had to throw in a vote, I’d have her in here.

I’d say keep the ones in this poll S1 only. Sure there are some new S2 heroes, but their art form aren’t really speaking to me. S2 have a bit too much of a weird vibe to the heroes, one look at the Sakura family kind of made me wish I didn’t.


Best I keep my mouth closed about my closet obsession with Sabina and a clown nose (did I say that out loud)?

Sharan - agreed from the card - zoom in and that is one pissed of witch doc.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for the Laughs @Shohoku79! Ok - I promise no S2.

Oddly I like Sartana… I wonder if anyone else would. This may be the ticket!

Or I’ll just roll with your Layla! She is a poster child to boot for the game! The younger crowd may go for her (there is a younger crowd playing this game right lol).


Or I might just be “encouraging” you to add at least 2 more rounds, but that might just be dragging this out a bit too long.

Perhaps after you crowned the queen / king of this poll (or season), the next you can have bracket style like NCAA with the regionals, sweet 16, elite 8, final 4, and championship. The matchups will be randomly selected, and Season 1’s top 8 winners (example) gets a 1st round bye.

In regards to Layla, other than everyone’s first 2* Dark, she is someone we see when the game loads every time, but don’t actually learn a lot about. She may be more appealing to the younger crowd, but so is Elena and I think they might even be about the same age with Layla being a tad older. A little shameless plug for what I did in the community contents section.


I beg to differ - it was Cate Blanchett in Thor 3… Charlize was in Snow White and the Huntsman… :wink:


Ooops, I knew I messed up somewhere, thanks for pointing that out. LOL!


Fire and Shadow! It’s great - look forward to the ending. Visited the Community Content and bookmarked!


I’m not against dragging it out honestly, however I think this particular audience might feel that way just a tad. So I may stick to the original plan.

We should definitely do the EPAA for next year!!! And I agree the season 2 selections, well they are not going to help in diversifying our options much I dont think. I’d say we will have a bunch of HOTM - I’m betting the next 4 will be to fill the empty 2 5* seats of the SAKURA and ATLANTIS family though… SAKURA is going to be some weird tree forest freak ladies I’m sure and then we will get some Aqua ladies likely from the Atlantis family (might be someone to qualify there)… ha ha


I wrote that sort of as a justification piece for Layla, and that’s even before me finishing Season 1 map. It’s like an open-ended perspective of where the game started and the gathering of heroes is just commencing. As there is currently no ending to the E&P story, to me Elena and Layla will still continue to bicker to each other while trying to work out their differences, in their quests to destroy the Dark Lord and onto further adventures.

From the Season 2 teaser silhouette we saw months before the announcement, we see there was supposed to be someone with a fan, I have a feeling that might be a member of the Sakura Family.

Any way, whoever you choose to be placed in the last spot for Round 6, I am sure she should at least get some votes.


Click the image to access the results!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of them All?

Round 6 up shortly!

@Shohoku79 @bae @Rook @Witch


Ok Friends! Round 6 is ready! I completely switched my mind!!!
I edited the form so that you can see all 4 ladies at a time as well on your phone (I hope only tested droid)… I think people having to scroll down on a phone may have negative impact on the bottom 2. Thanks!



@Witch I saw you show up tonight I remember saying I would do a poll with Brienne!!! So this one is for you!!!

@Shohoku79 I brought in your suggestions to make this happen!

So, there will be a ROUND 7 following this before the playoffs!!! LOL.

@Rook Not sure you are going with this time!!!

@Rduke77 you might want to get in on this one!?

If I include anyone that no longer wants to be just let me know and I’ll leave you off! @JonahTheBard @EvilSmoothie @Jerme82 @Jedon @markpessan

If you know anyone else that might like participating let them know! Thanks