E&P Goddesses - A Poll

Thanks for that @Resol

Ahh darn, I had updated the Original post and had forgotten that I had put the link in a comment… It’s updated now.

We are very close to our 100th voter to close this out. Its a close race with Natalya and Isarnia.

I will be going through this thread to pick out the next team to assemble for round 2. We haven’t determined what kind of face/off - championship to perform (top 2 of each in a final, or just top 2 or a 3rd round first).


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We are nearing the 100 voter to close the poll. The ladies that had been suggested for Round 2 (suggested more than once) were the following:

*** Lianna**

*** Belith**

*** Marjana**

So if there are no other suggestions through the forum I’ll pick #4, unless some of the existing suggestions increase an existing heroes votes placing them in or above those mentioned.

Imo, Vivica is the only goddess on E&P (too classy for this poll).

For pure eye candy, I offer…

I say a sweet 16, elite 8, final 4 bracket and double elimination bracket system of mayhem…

@321Trotter Zeline is in the current round 3: https://www.titanmafia.com/Polling/EnPGoddess/EnPGoddess3.html

As requested, merging Part 2 to this original thread.


You guys asked for it and who am I not to give it to you!

Round 2 Now Live

Round 1 Results


Why do we get multiple votes?

Talk about gender fluid! Definitely not a goddess (a drag queen maybe)!

Athena is very good looking but i don t see Vivica, she has very nice shapes , i don t know if anyone noticed that :wink:

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Dem hips and 20 characters.

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Maybe you’ll enjoy this (maybe not), but there’s a built-in poll feature in the forum:

Did you actually enjoy it?

  • Yes
  • No

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In the event you would like to spread them out over 2 or more of the ladies. I put 4 on Athena and 3 on Lianna :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes. I did. We can bring her in the next round. Were going to have a playoff with the winners…

Yeah I think that’s really cool. I’m just enjoying being more creative with it! Until I’m not :slight_smile:

I think Athena is my favorite Goddess in Greek Mythology… But this version of her showed too much skin for the Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, IMHO. Belith’s facial expression is a little weird to me. I’ve always liked Elven archers because of their fast and agile nature, but had to give the edge to the fiery buccaneer Marjana.

Some of the contestants in the first two brackets are really powerhouses and if you are going to have multiple rounds, consider mixing the choices a bit (so not all “seemingly popular” choices end up fighting it out in the first round, and miss the chance to compete later, or consider a elimination bracket to allow their return for one last fight.

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Definitely a fan of Mythology and Greek in particular.
This group was what was spoken out about most in the 1st round… I put Athena in myself - ha!

GL on Marjana. In less than 1/2 a day we are already 1/2 way to the 100 voters mark.

I’m up for making this a fair and extensive poll. We can do top 2 vs top 2 and bottom 2 vs bottom 2 and kinda have like a playoff. I suspect we will have 1 or 2 more rounds and then go back and revisit all of them for consideration in the playoffs :slight_smile:

We are at 67 of 100 voters to close round 2 up!
Please feel free to suggest which ladies you would like to see in round 3.

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