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D’oh. I just hit the wall too. 60 second till next like regen.

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Lucky you. 33 minutes for me.


There went my last ones lol

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Mission accomplished!


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I :heart: our overworked and underpaid mods


First of all I am posting this guides which been made by the fantastic player of all time @Mariamne for the benifits of @Starryeyedgryph and any one else may use of them. Cause I don’t remember where I saw them in first place.



Deutsche Webseite mit Guide

Thanks @Jedon
Here’s the source of the guides and even more info:

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Oh thank you so much @Rigs and @Jedon. I :heart: you both! :kiss:


I’m new to the game but don’t mind spending $$. Question is I’m in zone lvl 12 and if lookz like season 1 Grass Element 5S heroes sucks… In the ELEMENTAL Summon I only see season 1 heroes, is this because I haven’t unlocked season 2?.

Is there a chance I can summon season 2 heroes before unlocking the map zone?.


No, season 2 heros are only available once a month in their own special portal for just a few days.


Thanks! Is Onatel a season 2 hero or just special?


Onatel is a hero of the month

Every month has a special Hero(Hero of the month) that is slightly better than regular 5* heros, you pull them on random draws from doing epic hero, elemental, season 2, event, and seasonal summons within the month they are featured

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Thanks, do Elemental summons stop? Or they are all the time rotating? I already got Onatel, in this case I would. Wait before buying x10 Grass heroes, so I at least have the chance to get another Hotm as bonus Draw.

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Elemental summons i believe is only interrupted by Atlantis summons and event summons. I may be wrong however.


I Guess I will wait for special events, because I want a green good 4s or 5s but they all suck based on overall grading, Only Lianna…


Lianna, caedmon, melendor are the best green basic heros

Kashrek is good but eventually has a shelf life

Little john is good for titans and events, not over the top in other game aspects as he dies fairly easy and is slow mana

Skittleskull is well skittleskull, slow mana and dies easy. Doesnt have as high attack as little john and his special is easily countered with kiril or boldtusk. Little john’s biggest counter is rigard.

5*: Lianna is great

She’s really the only green basic 5* in my opinion. The other 3 are mislabeled 4*


Yeah, I have Little Jhon, but he dies very quickly and the thing is that I don’t want to lvl up him knowing is not that good… But spending gems to have a chance on just Lyanna I think I may not be so luxkt and get other heroes… Which is why I rather wait… Very tempted to try my luck hehe.


Little john is worth leveling up

His attack stat is really high for a 4*

Great stack on Blue titans

He is also useful in events and other areas of the game you want to clear out monster waves, his special hits all and does solid damage

Also good on bosses when you want to slow their mana

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Totally agree with @Rigs. I’m maxing Little John right now.



Little John is one of those under rated heros. He might be slow, but he hits like a brick. I’ll almost forget about in in raids, and then he hits…it can be devastating! I have one at 3/60 and right now he sees action in every war.
I really need to choose which green 4* I’m bringing all the way up. He might be it. I chose Lianna to level to 3/70 instead of a maxed 4* nature because my options were Skittle or her. Skittle is not that horrible.


I wasnt impressed when I first got LJ but since I didnt have any other 43 to level up he got maxed and has become a mainstay in all my teams until very recently when I changed ro 3/1/1 purple raiding team.

He was the main reason I could finish legendary challenge events and without him I would not have been able to finish the hard Christmas event with only vanilla 4* heroes.

So I would max. him if I were you. :smile: