E&P Facebook giveaways

Are the gem giveaways on Facebook legit?

From their official FB page…yes. From anywhere else…no.



This is from the official Facebook Page.

If you’re on this list, it would be further confirmation that that message is legitimate:

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Yes, this is legitimate. You can recognize our official Facebook page by the blue notification badge.


I’ve done what was asked and still no coins.

@AnBroc Did you ever get your prize?

I just joined facebook specifically for the E&P gem giveaways. Other than liking E&P is there anything else required to receive notifications from them and be eligible for giveaways? I have no other use for facebook and would prefer not to have too much of my personal information on their site.

Just make sure to only engage in contests from the official page. There are a ton of scam pages all the time, who use the artwork from real contests to try to trick people into giving them personal information etc.

You can look for the blue check mark to identify the real page:

You can also tell the real page because it has about 1.4 million likes.

You shouldn’t need to have any personal information on your Facebook account to participate in the contests.

They generally post giveaways like this roughly weekly:

The odds of winning are quite low, given that thousands of people comment to enter. But it doesn’t hurt to try. :slightly_smiling_face:


Appreciate the help, thank you. I joined initially to get the 50 free gems and than immediately deleted my account. Doesn’t hurt however to try for some more freebies if nothing else is required.


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