E&P Experiment: Random Teams and Skill?

Inspired by comments on my first experiment video, I’ve set up a second experiment. This compares totally random teams and tile matches to random teams and skill matches. What do you think the result will be?


Thanks @NittanyLionRoar, really interesting stuff and lovely smooth editing.

I enjoyed seeing you thinking over some tough decisions! Every time the video paused on a move for a few seconds I could hear your brain whirring :nerd_face:

Possible idea for a continuation down this rabbit hole, based on your summary - win rate with only tc20 heroes or maybe only one costume, hotm, event or S2/3 hero.

When you had random teams, which skill did you miss most? A while ago we might have said dispel, but now I suspect it was cleanse?

Original thread for broader discussion was here:


Do you think there is any skill involved in PVP battles?

@NittanyLionRoar’s cracking first video on skill is here


E&P Experiment: Is It Skill, Luck, or Totally Random? (SHOCKING Answer!)


Thanks for sharing :). Very cool to watch.

I would note that your 5-5 result is more accurately 4-1 going up from low diamond followed by 1-4 in higher diamond.

Some of those defenses behind Telluria in lower diamond looked much more forgiving. I suppose it evens out since the random team took such a precipitous fall.

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It’s a good attempt to summarize the randomness in this game. Cudos for the effort.
The first experiment was obviously unnecessary as you can’t win by random tile matching vs. enemie’s AI
The second part is close to what I am observing. You have to use your brain to beat the odds.
I didn’t saw the power of the opponents but I assume both teams were chosen to be relatively even.
You can’t win all the time against equally strong or stronger opponent, you can also loose from weaker team due to bad board. So there is no universal strategy.
I am F2P player. Please watch my videos showing that you can still play satisfactory with mostly Classic heroes.
My final verdict - yes you need to develop skills in order to advance in this game. But you have to realize that Randomness will always be a factor, no matter if you pay money or not.


You’d think that but check out the first “experiment on randomness” that NLR did. :wink:

Link: E&P Experiment: Is It Skill, Luck, or Totally Random? (SHOCKING Answer!)

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Thank you for your work. You have been one of the standout educators for me.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@JonahTheBard good question. I miss defense debuff the most. In fact, my specials felt weak and almost useless at times without the opponent’s defense being weakened. I also felt pretty vulnerable without a healer of some kind.

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