E&P Experiment: Do MORE Red Heroes Equal FEWER Red Tiles?

Hey everyone! Here’s the next installation of my E&P Experiment videos. This time I examine starting boards to see if bringing multiples of a color impacts how many tiles you get of that color. Check it out…


That settles it… the game favors red tiles!!

Game doesn’t always favor red tiles.

I do absolutely adhere to the belief that RNG is streaky. But I’ve had many boards when going mono red that had between 0-3 total red tiles on the starting board.

Also had others that had 10+ red tiles on the starting board.

If I kept data on all of my boards over thousands of runs, I’m guessing that the average overall would come out to about 7 of each color on each board. Regardless of which team I brought in.

Doesn’t mean that I won’t get awful boards that seem to hate me one day, or great boards that absolutely favor me the next.

My point is that I believe that the tile distribution is random overall. Streaky at times? Yes! Absolutely! I’ve had 6 raids in a row all go completely south because I couldn’t get the right color tiles to save my life no matter how hard I tried. I’ve also had 6 raids in a row that all resulted in easy wins because GOOD COMBO! GREAT COMBO! SUPER MEGA ULTRA COMBO!!!


If I just focus on the bad day, it looks like it’s rigged against me. If I just focus on the good day, it looks like it’s rigged in my favor. Put the two of them together, divide by two: well now it actually looks to be random overall.

Streaky… but still random.

NOTE: not disputing the results of this video at all. But your boards gave you far more reds than my “average boards” usually do. If you try the exact same experiment again later, you might get different results. Seriously, your first sample set alone was far heavier on red tiles than what I usually get when stacking red.

Or am I the only person here who is accustomed to REGULARLY getting less than 4 of their favored color on their starting board?

Brutal clickbait. I expected better.

Anyone can take screen shots of boards that prove themselves right. Do a mono team and record 6 straight raids, 3 straight titan attacks, 6 straight wars and then tell me if you truly think this game hasn’t nerfed the living hell out of mono teams. I use to record all my fights from normal story boards through titan and war and I can GUARANTEE you will notice less and less tiles and less multiple combo attacks the more advanced you get. SO storyboard will be hard to tell since that isn’t as nerfed, normal raids gets worse, diamond raids it’s blatantly obvious, titans even more obvious and wars don’t even bother going mono because you will not get any colored tiles. NOW that being said it also depends on you level of heros if you can be successful. If you have a bunch of 4 stars going against 5 stars chances are you’re not strong enough to last until you get some tiles here and there to start firing off specials and possibly pull out a win. On the other hand if you have stacked 5* maxed with tokens to boost their stats and you go against 4 or 5 stars not as strond you may just be able to take the hits until you can start firing off your specials to kill them one by one.

This game is absolutely rigged to stop people from going mono…

My brother and I have been testing this for weeks now…it seems to be that this happens, but only with red…

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