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Hey all!

In view of the posting I did on this thread (Reset & Re-Classing Projects (share your experience)) I wanted something which would give me a better idea of the cost of resetting various projects as well as allowing me to plan out how far & how much emblems I could use on different heroes.

So I made the below calculator!

What it does:

This calculator does a couple things. Primarily it is designed to help with emblem planning/ working out costs of moving or assigning emblems & whether you REALLY want to do that…

  1. Calculates the final node you can get to with current emblems
  2. Calculates the Food & Iron cost to go from current node to last possible node.
  3. Tells you the excess emblems you have & how many you need for the next node.
  4. Calculates the total food, iron & emblems committed at the current node.
  5. Calculates the food, iron & emblem costs to an input “target” node
  6. Calculates the food, iron & emblem costs of “maxing” the talent grid
    • Some pre-set “max” points of Nodes 7, 15, 18, 19 & 20.

Instructions for use:

There is a tab with this on it. Just read it.

:link: Link to the spreadsheet!

Feel free to make a copy or just work off my one.

:clipboard: Update Log

30 July:

  • Added “target node” calculations.
    • Input the node you wish to progress to
    • Outputs will include excess/ required emblems, food & iron costs
  • Added Emblems required to “Max” the Talent Grid
    • Preset “max” points being Nodes 7, 15, 18, 19 & 20
    • Other points you can simply use the “target node” calculation

Booyaah!! It’s hard to manually calculate repeatedly embleming projects as well as stripping heroes of their emblems. I have plans to strip Kage and Albe of their emblems in favor of GM and Vela but I am hesitant cause i have invested a ton of food and iron on them and i am still leveling HA and Adv Farm, the former is iton-extensive. Will check on it later. Thanks, Guv

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This is really cool! Thanks a heap for making it, I can’t edit things like this to save my life so on behalf of the not-mathematical players, YOU ROCK!


Thank you, Guv. Great work.

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Thanks @Guvnor :slight_smile:

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small update:

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Thx @Guvnor :slight_smile:

It is a nice addon as for several hero classes embleming to level 20 is not worth it.

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