E&P Emblem Cost Calculator

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Hey all!

In view of the posting I did on this thread (Reset & Re-Classing Projects (share your experience) - #2 by Guvnor) I wanted something which would give me a better idea of the cost of resetting various projects as well as allowing me to plan out how far & how much emblems I could use on different heroes.

So I made the below calculator!

What it does:

This calculator does a couple things. Primarily it is designed to help with emblem planning/ working out costs of moving or assigning emblems & whether you REALLY want to do that…

  1. Calculates the final node you can get to with current emblems
  2. Calculates the Food & Iron cost to go from current node to last possible node.
  3. Tells you the excess emblems you have & how many you need for the next node.
  4. Calculates the total food, iron & emblems committed at the current node.
  5. Calculates the food, iron & emblem costs to an input “target” node
  6. Calculates the food, iron & emblem costs of “maxing” the talent grid
    • Some pre-set “max” points of Nodes 7, 15, 18, 19 & 20.

Instructions for use:

There is a tab with this on it. Just read it.

:link: Link to the spreadsheet!

Feel free to make a copy or just work off my one.

:clipboard: Update Log

30 July:

  • Added “target node” calculations.
    • Input the node you wish to progress to
    • Outputs will include excess/ required emblems, food & iron costs
  • Added Emblems required to “Max” the Talent Grid
    • Preset “max” points being Nodes 7, 15, 18, 19 & 20
    • Other points you can simply use the “target node” calculation

Booyaah!! It’s hard to manually calculate repeatedly embleming projects as well as stripping heroes of their emblems. I have plans to strip Kage and Albe of their emblems in favor of GM and Vela but I am hesitant cause i have invested a ton of food and iron on them and i am still leveling HA and Adv Farm, the former is iton-extensive. Will check on it later. Thanks, Guv

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This is really cool! Thanks a heap for making it, I can’t edit things like this to save my life so on behalf of the not-mathematical players, YOU ROCK!


Thank you, Guv. Great work.

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Thanks @Guvnor :slight_smile:

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small update:


Thx @Guvnor :slight_smile:

It is a nice addon as for several hero classes embleming to level 20 is not worth it.

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A bit ironic, I was looking for an emblem cost table. My browser already had this tab opened but I’d forgotten about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Awesome tool @Guvnor, thanks!

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Bumping for relevance…

Just worked out the cost of shifting all my fighter emblems around and it’s apauling :sob:

Yeah emblem costs are steep. Im switching from poseidon to tyr

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I am working on a general calculator app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jaroderoose.empiresandpuzzlescalculator), would it be interesting if I included these emblem calculations into the app, to be able to do some quick calculations on your smartphone?

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I’ve been working recently on emblems calculator, which shows the stats depending od the chosen path (eg. below). But google docs doesn’t support macros :frowning:

It does, just have to re-write the macro… It also uses a completely different syntax & code set-up compared to Excel VBA. Its close but not quite the same…

But there is no ability to “import” your VBA code into Google Sheets.

I know it’s only been a few days since the changes so obviously haven’t had the time to gather all the info and work on this, and also this might not be as valuable as it once was with those changes…but are you planning to update this to account for the new costs?

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Yeah sorry, I plan to get to it today should only take 10 mins to update the reference table :slight_smile:

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OP calculator spreadsheet is now updated to reflect the changes to Emblem Resource Costs in the October 2020 Update :slight_smile:


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Very helpful - thanks for sharing

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Hey Guv…

Awesome resource but there is a tiny booboo in the food calc at node 6. You have 497K for the food cost. Should be 157K…

Thanks Guv


Hey Guv, wonderful stuff you’re doing for the community! I requested edit access on this spread sheet, so when you got time approve it please. Thanks a lot :smiley: