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I am going to try to set up season 2 data collection this weekend. Lots of changes to make. Start collecting your run data by province and level. We will use that to collectively score each level for resources.

Also anyone with free time can enter the new heroes in the heroes tab

Hi all,

Wanted to let you know that I updated the E&P Data bible for season 2. Here is the link again:

We need players to enter their battle data runs on season 2 so that we get good statistics for drop rates.

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Just added 1800 battle runs from current release level including all Season 2 so far (thanks Greg S and Beirmeister). Removed old runs from prior releases. Shows that the peaks for Food, Iron, Items etc. have changed. Check it out.

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I just added info for the Season 2 heroes at certain levels, and a note on rare titans.

I noticed that you managed to do the task that I’ve been putting off, which is to set up the data for the watchtower so that it is complete and will calculate. I was hoping that I could put this on the Wiki, with credit to you and whomever helped you.

(and a quick question about that spreadsheet. I believe that first green column should be Total Food Storage and Total Iron Storage?)


And just noticed that a line needs to be added for Khiona. (formatting is locked on page)

Thanks for the adds @Coppersky! Full credit for the watchtower tab goes to amity21 but that is not their name in the forum. Not sure how to contact or give credit to him/her. Also added Khiona to the Heroes Tab (which should not be locked) and the Heroes Ranking tab (which is locked). LMK if you want any additional stuff included in the spreadsheet and I will set up a tab and maybe we can find someone to enter it.

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The watchtower page on the wiki has been updated. I was unable to keep functionality of the calculations when I imported the spreadsheet. But it sends people to the E&P Data Bible for the original copy.

Take a look, and let me know if you see any changes that need to be made!

tab Heroes. Aeron has misprints

Aeron --> Offense --> “Draw a card for a specific effect: SKULL Deals 255% damage to all enemies. All enemies receive 156 damage over 3 turns. CROSS Recovers 27% health for all allies. Dispels status ailments from all allies. STARS All enemies get -34% defense for 3 turns. All allies get +48% attack for 3 turns.”

Must be changed to

Aeron --> Defense --> “All allies regenerate 459 HP over 3 turns. The caster and nearby allies are inmune to new status aliments for 3 turns. this effect can’t be dispeled. Dispels status aliments from the caster and nearby allies. Element link gives all Dark allies +5% attack and +5% defense for 6 turns. This effect can’t be dispeled.”

Thanks. Made the change. Did not use to be like that.

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Is it possible to add, somewhere, a glossary of terms, please. As a new player I have struggled with terms that possibly are taken for granted by experienced players. Eg nerf, buff, norm, debuff, special.

Ask and you shall receive.

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This Bible is brilliant. Well Done!!!

@cjm info to be added/corrected

also with the last update power was decreased for all heroes. i think ( colen 4:3 is 548 now, not 556)

Yea, have not made the power updates yet. no time. All folks are free to take stab if you have the time. Will involve not just max power but the power levels at all intermediate ascensions.

that tab is locked…

The hero ranking tab is locked. The heroes tab is unlocked and is where the new power data should be added. Once that is up to date, I can update the Hero Ranking tab in short order.

Hi Data Bible users. I am taking an indefinite break from E&P. As a result I will not be looking at, updating or responding to questions on the Data Bible. I have unlocked all the protected tabs so you can freely edit them. If someone wants to take over ownership/control of the data that is fine by me too. Have fun.

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Thank you for your time and effort.

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Did something happen to the Hero Lineup tab?

So I got a question:

The Data bible shows how many rolls for ingredients, flasks, mats etc. you get for your titan tier. But it stops at tier XII. Is there anywhere the expectation for tier XIII, XIV & XV to check?

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