E & P convention


Is it too early to talk about E & P convention ?
Any suggestion on where and when, food for thought.


Just a warning that I WILL cosplay as Zeline, and my legs are more creeping vines than emerald flash…


Not even venue or dates and someone had already mention cosplay…L O L… I just use my WOW. Costume ( Boltusk )…
Melendor, Lianna, Elena Isarnia, Sonya contest.


Great idea! Clearly needs to be in Helsinki so all the company can attend. After hours we ply them with liquor and figure out what they’re really thinking.


Phoenix AZ it’s always sunny!!


I’m going as the Dark Lord, lol. Lord


Good luck with red contact lenses :grin:


Maybe Balthazar would be better. The bulky heroes/villains don’t look too good in cosplay.


Yer, that would be sweet - very striking. Difficult to get ash-grey foundation perhaps :thinking:


Nothing a carefully cut/placed red cellophane wrap can’t fix. :wink:


In your eyes?! :joy:

I’m confident that they make novelty red contact lenses, but even they will probably be uncomfortable.

Not sure about sweet wrappers!


Ash-gray is my normal complexion. I play way too much video, :mouse:


I’ll go as Brother Tuck. The least amount of effort for me.


Not in the eyes, just eye shaped pieces taped over the outside of your eyes (like glasses). You should still be able to see through them too. I am not sure the red contacts can make the entire eye red (unless they are ultra-uncomfortable, lol)


Lots of glowing contacts online.


That would be one way to make yourself instantly unpopular!

If you go to the E&P cosplay shop and order an Azlar costume, you have a 94% chance of going as Renfeld :rofl:


Ok, but who’s going as Grimm?

Just asking for a friend…


I’ll go as little john i defo have the beard for it lol


I can lend you my spare loin cloth, but I expect it to be dry-cleaned and disinfected on return.

Good luck getting through customs. The swords are fine, but it’s really difficult to fit the goat horns into a passport photo…


Thanks, but my question was only as an interested observer.

I cannot pull off a loincloth alone, Grimm’s a bit skimpy in the upper torso area… I’d need a chest plate :smiley: