E$P Community “Walk-out” Protest

We love war to much to much not to do but definitely down for the free to play for a bit


Actually it’s the day of the Alpha Aether portal. That’s why it was chosen.


Doesnt matter what’s running on that day, really.

Doesnt matter if some people say they will do it and then sneakily log in.

Doesnt matter if some with #nospend in their banner are secretly (or not so secretly) blasting the cash on portals.

What matters is that lots of people ARE doing SOMETHING.

Datootfary & co have made it as accessible as possible, and promoted it as much as possible. They’ve put thought into the specifics and welcomed constructive debate on each step.

No-log-in day is just one of many tactics, and there will likely be others (given how little seems to be coming back from SG).

If you have some other suggestions for maximising impact, let’s hear them and see if they get any traction :+1:


Folks, do you realize that Zynga provides each whale, or VIP spender with their own account representative? Google “Zynga VIP Whales”. This isn’t scandalous. It’s not even a secret. They have people who are literally hired to give anything and everything to the people who give their company a billion dollar plus valuation. I know this sounds negative, I get that, but it doesn’t make any difference. They do not care that the guy who spends 20 bucks a month on their game needs SE so that he can clear some roster space. They don’t care that the girl who just LB Furdinand is pissed that he’s getting nerfed. They don’t care that Anchor keeps quiting, and he seems like a really nice guy I kind of wish he figured that out earlier and saved himself a lot of time. Just enjoy the game for what it is, folks. They go above and beyond for a select number of individuals and none of us are those individuals.


“The relationships companies like Zynga cultivate with whales are built around providing the right stimuli at the right time to ellicit the desired response. They are exceedingly manipulative and ultimately dehumanizing, treating people less like individuals with agency that matters and more like rats in a Skinner box.”

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Fascinating read, @Aboisso27 …I wasnt aware of this.

Всі на вихід. Є купа цікавих ігор для задоволення. Тут просто жах. Виробник просто поставив ціль

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Read all about the whale aka VIP Programs. How does Zynga hunt for whales? | This Week in Business | GamesIndustry.biz

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