E$P Community “Walk-out” Protest

Guys, this war we don’t use any flags? Can somebody reply? Thanks !

This was canceled days ago. There is a well organized protest that will take its place. I actually asked that this topic be closed last weekend, yet people keep posting without reading :roll_eyes:


No. Stay tuned for an update please


Will be handy to find out. Personally it would be awesome if the protest was #gemstone4aweek

Where a large player base just played a competitor game for a week. Then await a response from a staff member to a designated thread. Maybe the week that v58 hits…

I’ve come to the conclusion that things are pretty much beyond repair for me. The thing is I didn’t mind spending money in the game but what you get for what you put in is not worth it at least to me and the cost to complete at the same level is increasing while the gaming experience is not getting any better. I would encourage everyone to sit down and look how much you put in every month to then look at what they actually got out of it.


£100 sterling approx and I got :

2 costume Danzaburo (the hideous bear with the weird nipples) who nobody wants 1 time, let alone 2,

Triton… meh

A range of crap 3/4* easter bunnies who harm themselves when harming the enemy (sorry, not wasting mats on that)

2 Vollermork dupes (welcome to the meat grinder, my ridiculous looking friend)

An absolute slew of Berden, Balthazaar, Ulmer etc … all dupes, all 3 star, all useless to me beyond feeding into the grinder.

Obvs that money kept my PoV running and bought me an Atlantis Rises pass for more stinking Seadragons - seriously annoys me that they limited the loot during AR. Its already a very short event. Puts a lot of pressure on me/us to hammer it for 2 days solid to stock up for the next few weeks (kits, swords etc).

So basically what I got for my hard earned pennies was a fat stack of F All.

Now half my roster looks like it will be nerfed, tweaker, “balanced” and dumped on.

Welcome to Gacha folks!


SG is mega greedy, it was releasing new heroes almost every week! Now they want to bury the old ones to force players to summon the new heroes that will be released. A tip, leave this game and go to court to recover the lost investment against the premeditated changes that SG will implement with greedy intent. We players cannot accept this loss in silence, it was thousands of invested money thrown away by SG’s greed. Don’t just stay in the forum complaining, let’s take this damage to court. Taking away two of Furdinand’s special abilities and taking away Gazelle’s healing isn’t a nerf but a complete change of character proposition. Nerf is taking a turn or reducing damage, but never fully taking away a special ability. They put two characters for summons, we spent money on account of the characters’ proposal. What is outrageous is the fact that balance has nothing as SG will keep releasing OP heroes to force summon. Greedy company. Don’t waste any more money on them. I suggest going to Play Stores to leave a star and make a negative comment about the game. If these changes materialize, I will file a lawsuit against SG and the Play Store, I will want all my investment back and moral damages and denounce this company in the bad country for false advertising and gambling so that it is removed from the Play Store


Good luck with a lawsuit.


Im in the UK. No way a lawsuit would work here. You’d get laughed out of the solicitor’s office.

Got it, thanks a lot !

You could expect the same anywhere else. They’ve been copy/pasting that “I’m gonna sue them” all over the forum. Frustration is real.

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So, i decided to ask Chat GPT what we should do about this whole mess. Here is the result:

Question: I’m unhappy with the forthcoming balance update in the mobile game Empires and Puzzles. What should I do about it?

ChatGPT Response:

If you’re unhappy with the forthcoming balance update in Empires and Puzzles, there are a few things you could consider doing:

  1. Reach out to the game developers: The first step is to reach out to the game developers and express your concerns about the update. You can contact them through the game’s support system or social media channels and provide feedback on how the update will affect your gameplay experience.
  2. Discuss with the community: There’s a good chance that other players share your views on the balance update. Discuss the update with the community and gather support for your concerns. Consider starting a petition or a forum thread to raise awareness about the issue.
  3. Take a break: If you find that the balance update makes the game unenjoyable for you, consider taking a break from the game until the issue is resolved. You can use this time to explore other games or activities that interest you.
  4. Adapt your gameplay: It’s possible that the balance update will require you to adjust your gameplay strategy. Consider experimenting with new team compositions or tactics to see how you can adapt to the changes.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that game developers often make updates to improve the overall game experience for all players. While you may not agree with the changes, it’s important to approach the situation constructively and find ways to make the most of the game.


AI makes more sense than you lot.

Skynet has arrived :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Here we go again, had all this with LGOH. It wont hurt them, no matter what you do the whales will keep the game alive and new players will fill the gaps, when you play a game of this type you have to expect what you pay for will decrease in value until your heros are worthless. In LGOH we had a well written document we all signed to get our monthly subscription payment back by way of complaint to google after LGOH advertised foreever heros which they then nerfed. Greed always wins.

Chat GPT also has an opinion on your legal proceedings…

It is highly unlikely that you can sue a mobile game developer for nerfing your characters in a game. This is because the game developer has the right to make changes to the game’s balance, mechanics, and features at any time. In most cases, the terms and conditions of the game’s user agreement also give the developer broad discretion to modify or remove any part of the game without any notice.

As a player, you do not own any of the game’s content or characters, and you do not have any legal rights to them. You have simply purchased the right to access and play the game according to the terms of the user agreement. Therefore, you may not have any legal grounds to sue the game developer for making changes to the game that you do not agree with.

That being said, you can still provide feedback to the game developer about how the changes have impacted your gameplay experience, and request that they reconsider the changes or provide alternative solutions. Additionally, you may choose to stop playing the game if you feel that the changes have made it less enjoyable for you.

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as this thread is still open, and the update is posted, I’m gonna take the opportunity to direct people there.

for the updated movement, please go here:


Why you replying to my comment? I’ve not said anything negative about the protest lol.

I couldnt be arsed scrolling back so just hit the first reply button i saw… it wasnt aimed at you :sweat_smile:

:joy::joy: fair enough.

Oh man, this reminded me of Still Game. Great comedy show. :laughing: