E$P Community “Walk-out” Protest

Thank you for the kind words @Pompitous I appreciate it very much.


Why do I gotta be the proxy?

Perhaps. Would make sense.

Goes both ways if we’re being truthful.

Yes and no.

I’m not sure how to feel about it. They’ve said it’ll go through multiple test cycles, so the optimist in me wants to wait to see what it comes down to. But as the changes stand right now, I’m not thrilled about it.

This isn’t balance…this is reshuffling to ensure latest heroes stay on top while creating room under the ceiling for the heroes to come. It’s obvious those without the latest heroes/costumes (which are separate heroes) are going to get the short end of the stick here.

Well, this is an update. Just one that everyone (at least nearly everyone) despises if it goes live like this. But as I’ve said, they’ve announced multiple test cycles, so maybe things will change from this for the better? If it doesn’t, then all the anger would be rightly justified.

Agree. Which is why I’ve called out one of the offenders up top. I may not participate for various reasons, but I support the effort that was being put towards this. Unfortunately some will just do what they do.

I think we can. Just because someone choose not to participate and asks questions/has concerns doesn’t mean they don’t support what’s being attempted. Isn’t that what’s healthy for a community to thrive? Communication - something SG lacks.


It kinda baffles me why naysayers feel a need to comment on this at all.

A bunch of people dont like the change and want to show their displeasure by organizing a group action (or lack of).

If you dont agree, just dont take part.


Take two is coming. Apparently I’m a glutton for punishment :woman_shrugging: This one will be organized correctly.


Yeah, blanket statements are a two-way street.
I did say “also” generalize

Engaging the worst voices is one of my gripe’s elsewhere. It’s a great tactic to bolster one’s own argument… by holding up all the
Worthless garbage
Evil greed
Rigged boards
Hysterical cribs
And other baseless hate…
Engaging the “offenders” drives the conversation nowhere as seen in this thread.

You don’t have to proxy,
I just chose to engage with you!
In hopes of steering away from the mud and back towards something more meaningful like:

That is exactly what this is…
Regardless of multiple test cycles and minor variations that may or may not accompany it.
It will still remain this…

And the heroes to come
Will abide by the same rules they always have
Putting us right back to square one eventually.

So kicking back and waiting for the test cycles sounds pretty chill. That’s about the extent of my energy at this point too. Because,
QoH and Gazelle were a huge cornerstone of my bench. I have Margaret too! I don’t see that they plan to fix her broken dodge either…
8 months after:


Not only has my roster been stealth nerphed by a flood of super creeps. It’s also been ravaged by updates…

So… since we agree about what this really is
And that offenders are everywhere. myself included

Them that are upset about what this really is.
Wanting to bring us together,
With something small and harmless,
Don’t have to be applauded, fine.
But the boos…are
You know…
I’m actually not sure what they are

How about…


Boos are totally unnecessary

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So unless you agree with something, don’t bother posting? I don’t know what people here do for a living, but being questioned and having pushback is a way of life in my line of work. It’s to make sure that you’ve thought of everything and considered multiple angles.

This thread should be a two way street and that isn’t happening. No one is saying don’t do it, what they’re questioning is whether this is going to be effective.

Even the most basic question is being unanswered: What is the protest about? If you can’t state what you want out of this protest, you may want to rethink about the point. Is it to get SSG to stop nerfs? Is it to get them to slow down these OP heroes? Is it to stop these release OP heroes and then nerf them? Many people have asked, but no one has answered. It’s kind of hard to draw a lot of support if one doesn’t know what exactly is being asked.

That leads the next point. What are you expecting out of a successful protest? What changes are you expecting? Stop nerfing old heroes? Buff old heroes? Stop releasing OP heroes? Start taking beta tester feedback more seriously?

Of course, many brought up that the real metric is revenue, hence questioning the point of withholding war flags instead of just not spending.

I’ve been bringing the fact that past protests haven’t done anything. So the implicit question is what is being planned that’s different? Because if we are just following the ad-hoc hashtag on names, we know that doesn’t do anything. Are there going to be better coordination between alliances or get more concrete action (or lack thereof) by having people not spend?

I’ve also brought up the fact that you need a pretty good percentage of players to participate, but you’re going to have to start with the top alliances as they are the most visible. So go ahead and try the no flags war, but if that’s the route you want to take, then I agree that just opting out the alliances completely is a better approach. And it has to be more than just some random alliances, it would have to be the high profile alliances, ideally ALL the top 100 if you want to make a statement. But if one can’t convince 3000 people to do something, what’s the likelihood of getting hundreds of thousands?

And I’m curious did anyone approach @2puttshaqur about his experience with leading a protest? If not, that would have been a good start if he is willing to give pointers.

But just announcing “Next week, no one use their flags in war” wasn’t exactly the best start to this protest. You need time to organize and spread the word, and be prepared to answer the questions that people had brought up in this thread.



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Sure. I don’t disagree. But I choose to wait and see what will happen. Just like I did with LB2…which still hasn’t affected my game play…even without Lb2ing any hero outside of my Bushy Bear. Even though I’m facing teams with all LB2 heroes on defense. But , not everyone has the same experience.

I don’t think anyone here has disagreed with the frustrations people have expressed at all…for obvious reasons. I’d venture to say that vast majority (if not all agree with you and the OP).

Some have provided boos and useless input. But many have raised valid questions. What’s wrong with have doubts, questions, even a dissenting opinion? Are they not allowed? Why not?

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No they are not buffing these heroes. They kill a handfull of usable heroes, increase the base stats of most heroes released in 2022 and later and tune down many specials. This widens the gap (powercreep) between older and newer heroes even more, and will force many players to quit, because they will not extend their spendings.
They destroy the trust that is necessary to make business. I will not spend if I fear the summoned heroes will be nerfed next month.
I could accept the Telluria nerf if it was a one time incident, but their business modell seems to be releasing „must have“ heroes and make them obsolete only weeks later. If this is intentional, and the frequency of nerfs indicates this, its a disgusting Business model.
Shame on them…

Happy gaming


Only thing I will add here:

No-Spend is the only way to have an impact on the developers.

Then again, that will once again favour the whales, since they will start spending as soon as their own vision of how the game should be changed takes place. And this will end the No-Spend thus the impact we have on the developers.

And the rest of us will not be happy with the changes.

That was already shown in a minor scale with the Alliance quest rewards adjustment after the No-Spend November.

You see, we aren’t even united behind what we want. One player asks for not nerfing Furdinand, other are happy with that nerf but don’t want Ludwig to be nerfed, third group wants ALL of the OP heroes to be nerfed even more…you see my point, I hope.


This is what we are talking about. Many of us are wanting mainly for SG to prove they hear us. And so we are working to gather the community and gather what it is we want to see. Mainly so far what we are seeing is a backing of the no spend May, the war part is being discussed. We are looking at all angles and trying to see what is best for us. Something SG is definitely not doing. What I am seeing is many who haven’t been are now saying enough. We want to stop getting heroes only to have them changed. There is no need to nerf classic heroes. They are barely viable as it is. But that is the point is it not? Change can happen when enough come together and say we say enough. So here I am saying, enough! Listen to your customer base because there have been some super smart answers how this “balance” can be beneficial. I know all I have talked to are saying we are tired of having our hard earned heroes, our bought heroes, whatever changed after we get them. SG needs to stop pushing so much and look before choking us to death with uneeded overpowered heroes and changing what they put out.

@Quinn3 is right though. If you want players to back this more specifics are needed as opposed to general calls for the player base to be listened to more.

Mainly because the player base doesn’t necessarily agree on what exactly is wrong with the game.

Some players hate Alpha Aethers, some have no issue with them. Some want no nerds to any hero after release, some want heroes that have been released to be toned down as they are too powerful as they are. Some want no costumes, some don’t mind them as it can be an easy variation on skills (particularly with the initial costume release for S1 where OG might dispell and costume cleanse). Some want less new heroes, some like new ones as they get bored with what there is currently.

Unfortunately the onus is on people who organise a protest to be clear and concise as to the goals they want to achieve & the method of protest. Others can then clearly see whether they agree with the goals and wish to participate or not.


I was late to this party, so you would have to speak with the OP to get a specific breakdown of what is on their mind. However, my feeling is that this is about the “balance update” appearing like a large-scale nerf that doesnt actually address the issues it purports to address.

On top of a string of other issues in recent months (many of which you mentioned) it feels like a step too far.

So the protest, in my mind, is an attempt to get noticed because nothing else the community does seems to be acknolwedged in any way by SG.

Success would simply be SG acknowledging that they hear the displeasure. Whether they make adjustments or not will ultimately be down to them. They have said this process will take place over multiple rounds of testing, so I think there is a good chance that if enough of us are loud enough, early enough, we may see positive movement before the final round and general release.

This thread should simply be a place for people to say whether they care enough to join in and what they are willing to join in with (no flags used, no spend initiative etc). Its a sign-up area to get a sense of how many people are willing, and to push forward ideas of how and when things get done to achieve the most affect.

People repeatedly saying it wont work, or its not clear enough, or they actually dont mind the changes, or that you will never get enough people to make it effective etc etc are mostly just clouding the issue and destabilising the momentum before it can really build. Id actually be in favour of a new thread that is restricted to just sign-ups/committments so we can get a sense of how many people are willing to act because this thread is already filled with too much unnecessary noise.


What do people want instead of the big balance?

How would people balance the heroes?

Reminds me of striking as a student against wide sweeping reforms… It’s easier to be against something together than for something and it’s FINE if we are against different things.

Suggestion: If we / you / whoever manages to put a coordinated protest action up, create a no-discussion thread in which only the participants can post what exactly they are protesting against or for

Yeah… a plan to motivate sg to not destroy the game and our investments in this ruined game

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heartily agree, thank you @Datootfary

that is great to hear!

I do also agree with this though…

and also this

though with a thread having this many comments, it can be tough to wade in and parse through such a huge volume.

agree that a clear goal is needed. it has to be a specific grievance and a specific end-goal, rather than a generic “we don’t like the direction of the game”. what about it?

well there’s a lot of other good stuff and wisdom in various posts, but my own reply is long enough so I’ll leave it at that for now!



Personally I would hold all new hero releases until the big balance is implemented

I would do the balance in bite size chunks rather than “everything” all at once. It’s currently too much in this Beta.

I would then do 3 iterations in Beta for each “chunk” group of heroes and then move onto the next set.

I would work from the bottom up S1 - S2 - S3 etc

I would focus on an even split of Buffs v Nerfs … rather than rush out all the nerfing

I remember SG asking in the forum which heroes needed a balance last year. The list provided by players was extensive…. Red Hood, Anzogh, Quintus, Clarissa, Telluria, Justice and Horghall - needing a buff etc etc etc … So if I was SG I would be looking through that list too

Just my two pennies worth


Don’t see the purpose of this protest. If this is about big “balance update” that should happen once this year, is protest organized just to say:

  • We tried, but they didn’t listen. (In case update goes through in current form) or
  • Look, they finally listened to us! (When update goes live way diffent after lots of beta testing).

My opinion is, its to soon for such protests. We saw a blueprint that might never be realized. Look at Monster Island. Still in beta, with live tests being delayed for months.

Everyone panic about some heroes changes. They nerfed heroes before and dont remember about any big protests. Eventhough some players were angry, cause hero(es) become almost useless.

Why nobody says anything about nerf to overhealers. Buff to max. health reducing heroes might not affect raids and wars to much, but will affect doing and finishing events: Max health reducing hero will hit your team of overhealed heroes, then hit all hero will hit your team like a truck and you are basically done.

As said at start of this post, I don’t see this balance update live anytime soon and not in current version.