E$P Community “Walk-out” Protest

Actually I don’t care for gazelle - didn’t buy her as will as the other heroes I have so they are free to nerf her and all other my heroes (and just them). I was talking how inconsistent they are when they nerf such a hero but not musketeers for example which are more OP! Why? Because no one will spend a cent on gazelle anymore and the musketeers are heroes that still can be sold for big money.

And when we are speaking about those who spent €1000+ per week/month it’s OK for me but then don’t say “no spend” because it’s not about community it’s about only themselves. Stop spending if you are angry at $G, but say nothing…

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They are nerfing Musketeer heroes as well. There is a list of all heroes affected and Musketeers are on that list. Try to be objective instead of spreading misinformation.

Sortu, can you please tell me how for example Portos and D’Artagnan are nerfed? I’m just interested in explanation how “burn damage is increased” is a nerf?

Some of them was but some wasn’t and they are still OP comparing with the gazelle (and not only the gazelle).

So next time please check all information before criticize and accuse someone for spreading of misinformation…

As predicted, this is another post to bash fellow players for not joining the protest without providing any sensible rationale, plan….

  • Why should spenders stop spending !?
  • Why should anyone from top alliances, who spend a good amount participate in this protest !?

Instead of mud-slinging and allegations, I would HELP to hear, how does this update impact your play / roster etc….and how are you planning to protest.

  • Too much instructions being given to others to do this & that…. Or else….:man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

Skip / spare me the lectures about spender, spending, SG money - related terms… coz, that goes no- Where & only shows, un-backed frustration, whose foundation is many times elsewhere & not in this game.

  • The, I know better than you …. approach …. that I m reading is also adding to drama.

Comparison of 5 year old heroes v/s latest heroes also shows lack of understanding, which shows this protest talk being a juvenile attempt = serious players will stay away…. & SG must be yawning…. With… same old same old reactions ….no mater what we do !

The pitch lacks clarity, seriousness & practicality for players like me, who will not stop playing this game but wants to consider this protest seriously…. Searching for some sense in the protest pitchers
Finding the usual bashing as described above….being not worth associating ….!!

Finally, after SG has said, they will do multiple tests before final decision - rollout…. What is the context for this protest,…. Right Now ….which is landing, more as a noise….so early on.

  • Share options on the Update thread for the heroes that you have better understanding about.
  • Share constructive stuff, to put a case for the changes being discussed.

Will you !?


Just like what’s happening to that one beer. Bud light

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Well, you said:

This is a blanket statement. Just like mine was that they were to prove a point. So, the most OP Musketeer hero, Aramis, actually did get quite nerfed. So did Queen Anne.

So instead of saying “Musketeers weren’t nerfed” you should point out which weren’t and make sure to include the ones that WERE nerfed by actually checking all the information available.

No reason for you to bring your hate into this discussion.

When it’s plural it means two or more, not necessary all of them… Conclusion - I never said how many was/wasn’t nerfed, I just said there is musketeers who wasn’t and they are more OP.

Why should I list all of them - as you said, there is a list who is nerfed so anyone can check it. I also mentioned hunter family and other families with non-nerfed members - do you really expect of me to list them all to one who was nerfed (or wasnt)?

LoL, there is no hate, just explanation for something that is obvious.

She’s in a much better realm than you are. Since we are all playing the same game the desire of uniting all players is a nobler task then to just laugh at people. Finding people to mock somebody is always more easy then bringing them together


You’ve clarified now, so thanks for that. Unfortunately, a lot of blanket statements have been made about many different things on this forum over time that lack of context sometimes just happens.


Oh my bad. Didnt know you you supported bud light.

I support anyone that supports other people’s rights. Clearly can’t say the same for you.


There’s no point arguing with the negative ones, they’re going to be negative regardless of your stance. They’re usually negative in all walks of life and argue because it’s the only way they feel they’ll have a voice and be heard. There’s people who want to participate in the war and that’s fine, if you don’t want to protest, that’s fine too, but shut up shtting on others who are trying to make a difference, so what if it fails, so what if you think it’s stupid, it’s about their happiness and you’re forcing your negative sht attitude on them and deliberately trying to ruin their happiness.
Right will there be dedicated alliances set up? Create some posts, or drop alliance names where people can join temporarily to participate.


I support other peoples rights all the time. I’ll buy a case tonight. I’ll drink some for update 58

Hello everyone, can we sign in for the protest? As an alliance, we don’t want to use any of our flags next war, when that will be?

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Glad to hear it then.

I am absolutely ready to protest SG buffing 150 heroes with increased stats. That’s what we’re upset about, right? I mean, they are stat buffing, like, 150 heros. That’s gotta be what we’re all pissed off about.


No attack here directly at you Dyna.
I just can’t stomach conversing with another in your camp.

Can "blanket statement" be replaced with generalization?

Does the other side of this argument also generalize all critics to be irrational Negative Nancy’s? with clouded minds . . .
emoji emoji emoji

If someone shows specifics, would that person then be "cherry-picking"?

I personally don’t approve their nerf selection.
For example, below
See which is getting buffed and which is getting nerphed

This is what you guys call… balance?!?
Isn’t the plan to make OP skills less so?
What about those who don’t even have the costume… what does balance mean to them?

Old content is getting squeezed…

Paving the way for new portals to continue…

(with the old “gist” and direction)

Which is the reason an actual update is genuinely needed! Not this farce, where useful old heroes such as Gazelle are getting thwacked.

And players have every right to be upset. This game is a very long haul! Developing a bench takes YEARS…!!!
And to spend so much time…
working on your bench
Only to have it fiddled with, in order to favor creep mode, is distasteful.

@Datootfary is a patriarch. She has been nothing other than tasteful and helpful to the community. She was not abrasive and laboring to shame anyone. But immediately, the emojis came pouring in here.
She… along with many of us, are unhappy with theses “big changes” and tried to rally some folk with a simple gesture of solidarity.

Some put in a lot of money.
For a game… it takes a lot of work.
A lot of time… and that,
Is all of us!

Can we have solidarity?
Probably not.
Just two camps where one cares about a mobile game too much. And the other camp that cares that people care too much…


One heart isn’t enough. Great post. :heart: