E&P Beginner Friendly

This Topic might be too much, but After 1 Month of Playing and reading, the Sentence is, Quit and Run!

But why?

As a new Player u are excited and want all right now, so u Start play and do whatever is done, u get packs for offers u might buy cause u like the Idea of the Game, then u get new Heroes and u Think YES thats my 5 heroes to go, u check how good ur Heroes are and u read and read and realize, wait…i have all those Heroes and cant use them? Wait i have to wait F2P wise 6-12 Month to even max them?

So again u try play the “slow” way! Build 3* and some 4* u read about they worth. And again, u cant manage make Progress, u have ur low Energy and many Quests or Sidetracks that dont Benefit strenghting ur Heroes, so u wait and wait and do what every one recommend and u dont see the Point.

Why should i only wait, how can i Catch up or be Part of the Game? The Answer is easy, be patiened and wait and Progress as anyone else does (no Catch up) or spend (somewhat catch up). I could do so much more examples why it is so demotivating at the beginning.

I wish i had a Solution, but i dont, atleast make Access to 3* or Ham or Iron for some Steps, like Clear 4:10 (bla bla Achievement unlocked 3* token) 8:10 and so on u get the Idea, doesnt need to be a Hero Token can be Rewards which Help in the beginning. But heroes at Early stages are only through spending available and can be Leading u to Death if it is a 5*, cause it is impossible with Current Ressources to Manage Evolve ur Heroes to max or 3/70.

I come from a Different Game with other Issues, but this is a Nightmare, no long Term goals, no short success. No skill involved (besides playing the board and with the odds) and Last, high requires to get Events or Quests or Mats done (not talking about get 2 minor potion for 4 energy).

SG need step up and make it more beginner friendly and long Term for the Veterans, which is doable in Million Ways, but i cant tell them all.

So have a good one and see you

Thanks for the laughs - you’re not serious - smh!
This game is three years old and some people have been playing it from the beginning.

You’ve been playing this for a month and want the cheat codes?! GL


We all started that way. I am also not playing since the first hour but started 1.5 years ago. Took me about 8 months to ascend my first set of 5 stars.

I don’t know what to tell you… maybe run then? Maybe that game really isn’t for you if you wanna beat all challenges and raid in diamond after a month?

I think it has not much to do with beginner friendly, it’s the way the game is designed.
A friend of mine started 6 months ago and recently reached platinum for the first time. I think that’s solid. I don’t see why you should be on top of the game just right away…


I dont want Cheat Codes, just another Option then wait…clearly u didnt read.

And long Term wise what is the Goal? Wait longer? All u guys teöl me is, men u need to wait and wait and After u waited u know what, more waiting.

But thx for the Laugh, atleast this is given

The question is: wait for what? This game doesn’t have the end. You can’t pass it to the end like a quest or arcade.
You can enjoy the journey itself and in this case you don’t need to wait. Or you have some ultimate goal and the whole game is just an obstacle in reaching that goal. In this case you have to wait and waiting is painful. Honestly, I have no ideas, what this goal could be and what is the reason for long waiting.


What your goal ? For me is: leveling up all heroes that I like to help my alliance win the war and beat the titan. And we progress together in more or less same level start.
So if you can enjoy your journey with your alliance team, kill titan and win war and cherish every heroes you got and leveling them , this game maybe suit for u. But if your goal to reach top rank, afraid you need a lot of money and time and seem it will be hard path to keep up .