E&P and a device rooting

Ok … I asked about this before and I couldn’t get a good solid answer.
And as I am in good progress now and I am afraid of losing it if I rooted my Samsung J5 phone.
I have to ask the staff and devs here to answer me about thus question.
If I rooted my cell phone, Is it will effect my gaming on E&P by any way?

Will you still be using the same Google Play account? If so, you shouldn’t lose your progress. Save the game to your Google account, root your phone, then log back in to Google Play

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Some games consider the rooted devices a way to cheat. And just don’t allow players with rooted phones to play.
Thats why I need a Saff to tell me for sure.
Need he/she’s word to count on it.
I can’t lose my account for any reason, will be huge sadness to me. So ofc my account is sync to google play account.

You are aware that this special forum is to discuss major topics and other game related things that are more „global“?
We have the privillege to get an insight of new things and get a chance to discuss and design things with the staff of SG.

It‘s not meant for your private issues only because you do not get an answer as fast as you want to have it. Thank you

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I understand that. But an answer here could help.answering ppl on general if they had same issue.
Some one ofc will be having issues about space on his/her phone.
Its a GLOBAL concern. Thanks.

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