E new empire&puzzle joke.. !😅

Well, yes, but only just. I got a 1 star troop and as you know they are shockingly rare.:wink:

You forget that costumes were meant to make S1 heroes competitive. In current state Horghall & Quintus weren’t competitive, and won’t be competitive post costumes.
I personally don’t care if boldtusk goes with a rolling pin or a feather duster. This game has a motley of artwork and is silly looking as is. The amount of muscles Grimm has, he sure takes a hit like a girl.

Probably they were thinking of milking Alchemy Lab and costumes. But this cash cow is so skinny, it needs milk before it could be milked.
Already cut down on summons and spending. Because what’s the point of getting new heroes if they’ll be made obsolete via monthly power creep? Personally just waiting it out till Jan 2020, and if nothing changes I’ll quit.

Anyway, I digress. To me it seems like designers are completely out of touch from reality if they don’t realize these rewards are unexciting, for both new and old players. At least given the fact this only pops up 4x a year. Maybe 10 emblems would have been more exciting?


The game is quite unpredictable. Yesterday, I’ve got 2 ETT from a standard monster and raid chest. Pulled a yellow and green 4 * mana troops.
My first.

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I have to agree, at least they have listened a tiny bit and have improved the loot to include trainer heroes as a fairly standard feature in regular chests (well, that’s what i’m getting).

EDIT: Nice score on the yellow 4 star troops, I have had so many duplicate yellow 3’s and 4 star greens

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Grimm is nuked
When attacked
He is jacked.
But also naked

First time I got the gift, in summer event it was greatly useful for me. Not the same today.

It’s normal for people to expect a little more given the time we spend here.

I think you misunderstood and mixed two completely different opinions from my post. Sorry it was ranty and hard to follow. I never said Grimm is a bad hero. I think with emblems he’s as good as a 5* hero (maybe even better than some s1 5*).

My point around Grimm was that given how buff he looks, his def stat is comically low. This game doesn’t really have a very unified aesthetic in first place and looks silly enough as is. So IMO chef boldtusk battling with rolling pin isn’t a big deal

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That is also my plan. Meanwhile every time I feel like buying gems I’m donating 10 euros to local animal shelter. It’s cheaper and results makes me feel good.

Aesthetic in this game is hilarious. Spearmen throwing arrows (Julius) axeman firing flames, ridiculous weapon carry… but Grimm is a strong hero (those muscles) but has no armor so he is easily hurt. I work with iron and whenever I hit myself against it’s painful xD

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