E new empire&puzzle joke.. !😅

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Would that be turd scented?

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I look at the free space on the board as another chance at Mystic Vision: usually MV gives me a single mana potion and a single gem. For free. :wink:

Eeeeevery so often MV will hiccup and give me something shockingly nice, but I don’t expect it.


I expected as much, nothing great, just more crafting materials and some crappy token.

I’ll gladly take more Hardwood Lumber though. I’m always running out of that stuff to make Axes with, for Rare Challenge Event highscores.

this game should be called “Joke&puzzle” hahaha

Give a man a fish … and all that!

This pretty much sums it up!!

/Users/Stephen/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/derivatives/C/CE839D39-0619-4ADB-9798-2660A5AEA8F6_1_105_c.jpeg


He’ll put them in his shoes and make them smell? :thinking:


I never have enough meteor fragments.

Wish the token could have been epic though.

Even a pay-package that includes a an unusually generous bundle - like 1 of each 4* mat for $5 or something

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Better than nothing…

I agree it is pretty discouraging. It also uses so many resources to craft items etc, the game is turning into a money pit, if things don’t change i will be done as well as many friends!

They say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but this is a gift donkey.

I ACTUALLY got a Belith from that token. :joy:

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I don’t understand…of course, if you’re in the game for years, that free offer is…nothing you really need, nothing exciting.
But it has never been better or worse*, so…no improvement, no deterioration - nothing I would care about.

* older offers

Christmas Offers (calendar)
🌴 Sand Empire 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links
🐰 Springvale 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links

Yep, it has historically always been garbage and always will be garbage. Last day is the only day I look forward to, because of Titan flask.

God forbid if they ever gave a hero/troop token. Getting another Tyrum will make me too powerful!

Just because it’s “always been this way” doesn’t make it any less disappointing. I remember being disappointed in the freebie when I was a new player and could make use of the lumber. After all, I could get much better from one flag of farming.

I gotta agree here. After the number of debacles this year what would it have really cost SG to offer up a better freebie and earn a bit of good will??

After raid lottery - matching nightmare, nerfed loot, burrying a note in the change log that they somewhat boosted loot and called it good??

After the abysmal Alcemy Lab where getting anything good from it requires gems ($$)??

The upcoming costumes which leave alot to be desired on at least the artwork side if not also on the leveling bit? I mean…Chef Boldtusk bringing a rolling pin to a sword fight?? And you get to spend mats to do it??

The best they could come up with was this??

Oh, and why don’t SG just allowed SH upgrade to level 25 rather than stuck at level 23 again…

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