E new empire&puzzle joke.. !😅

Realy…?..this is the gift ?..u give somerhing for free 2 or 3 times on the year …im expected at more ,not even one rare ascend for 5*…or epic token…or something else…shame on you…the 5* ascend items are so rare ,that i think i have more chances to win at loto …!!!untill i get something good,how it was in the begining of this game…!!!but now all its history…!!!


Yea there’s another thread complaining about it as well. And it was all pretty much said last year

Mods might as well just start reopening and pinning the free offer complaint threads for each seasonal event. Always same gifts, always same complaints, always same results


I don’t understand how people complain about free. If you don’t want free sh1t, don’t click on it. Do I need another single gem or small healing potion? No, probably not. But I’m still diligently watching those 30sec MV’s three times a day.

Idk… I’m obviously in a mood. Don’t mind my salty attitude.


If you have a closet full of shoes, are my old smelly sneakers a good token of appreciation? I mean they’re free so might as well take them and be happy right?


So you’re saying those with a roster full of heroes they can’t ascend should be rewarded with a different free gift?

I’m sure someone without any shoes would be very appreciative of the offer… smelly or not.


Ok, it’s not great.

But we get free stuff every day. I just got rings in Mystic Vision.

Have a look at the mystic vision thread for players getting loads of free stuff.

Ok, the real goodies are rare, but you don’t have to wait for a free offer like this


Please not again!!!

Every season we have one or more of these people who can:

a) not be bothered to look for a thread about the same topic.

b) not wait to look at the second gift before they complain!

c) not give up the thought that SG owes them I dont know what because they play their game!

Plese go away and dont come back the next time SG gives out something for FREE !!!


Getting a Eht and Ett on Xmas morning gives me the same feelings I had when I was a kid getting presents under the tree


Yea everyone would love another 1* hero. Wait maybe just mabye they’ll get a 2*!!

Dam better start on my thank you letter asap!! Off to find my pen!

Much better attitude. And I think you mean crayon, not pen.

Lol I’ll even get scented ones, that way they can smell the paper after they read it to really really show how much i appreciate them


I’m sure you’ll use the brown one.


Well i have to show them i appreciate them as much as they’ve shown they appreciate me

And now you see why this “free gift!” Is a crock of crap

It’s free. I get it. But it’s the same free stuff we get every single day 365. In the real world, it would pretty much be like giving away oxygen as a free gift.




So I think we expect the free gift to mature as we, as players, mature within the game. A year ago (ok, a little more than a year), I was at a different place in the game… completely different play style. Back then, I didn’t have the mats to ascend my 4s, so 5 mats weren’t even a thought. I was happy about tall boots, squeals of excitement with a compass… now, not so much. Most of us grumble at compass #462. I just think we have this expectation that the gift should be representative of our progress, and that’s not it.


So everyone that started playing today is excited about this free gift so therefore all of us should hold our tongues about it being crap to us?

Idc if it was my first week playing. Telling me “here’s an annual gift of the same stuff you’ve recieved the past 6 days” would be a “what the fudge” moment




I have a favorite restaurant that I go to on a regular basis. Believe it or not every time I go there I get free water. Of course I have to pay for the food and booze. :grimacing:


But when they bring you the water, do you not say thank you?


Actually I do, and most of the time I thank them for everything else especially the great service. Point well taken :wink: :+1:t3: :sunglasses:


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