e-Curse... definitely e-curse

Must be a curse… an e-curse to be more precise… some hex (e-hex) affecting my ability to get a red 4* troop… I was blessed with many 4* troops in the last 10 month, 3 x blue, 2 x purple, 2x yellow, 1 x green, which is above average for a f2p, I think, just not with red ones… Now, of course, speaking of heroes, I was always red strong… my first 4* was red, Kelile, my first maxed 4*, red also (Gormek), my first real raid winning trio, red too ( Gormek, Boldtusk, Colen), two of my three maxed 5* are red, Elena and Azlar, I’ve always been keen on red since I started E&P… just no red 4* troops… e-curse 100%


I can relate.

I just got my 5th purple mana troop today.

Still no red 4* troops at all.

  • Red: 0
  • Yellow: 1 Crit
  • Green: 3 Crit, 4 Mana
  • Blue: 2 Mana
  • Purple: 4 Crit, 5 Mana

…not exactly the most even distribution.


I’m waiting for a red mana, yellow crit and purple crit troop…

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Took over a year to complete my 4* troop collection, my moby dick was the purple. Have a 3* purple maxed out at 20 :wink:

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1 mana, 2 crit
2 mana, 3 crit
3 mana, 1 crit
1 mana, 0 crit
No yellow 4* troops after more than year.

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C = crit
M = mana

C1 + M1

C5 + M5

C2 + M3

C2 + M4

C5 + M0

Waiting a red mana troop since forever.

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Ok… I’m going to apologize in advance on the offchance this is related, though it’s probably nothing… but… about a year ago, I met an old Polish woman at a Cyber Cafe and Coffee House, InterNut Coffee, I think it was called. Not important. So I’m waiting for someone, and this… person walks up, stops at my table, and asks… “Can I get you a refill on your coffee?” It was my waiter, just checking in! How about that?! Not important, it’s just, I usually have to go back to the front for that sort of thing, and it just struck me as nice customer service. I try to make a point of remembering good customer service.

So I’m sitting there, waiting, and I get my phone out, load the game, and do a quick EHT pull. Renfeld… “just my luck” I mumbled under my breath. I must’ve been looking down at my phone long enough that when I looked back up, She was sitting there. No eye contact, just looking at her phone. You’ll remember, I’m waiting for someone, and she’s in that person’s seat, so I kindly say “Hey… uh, buddy, I’m sorry, I’m expecting a friend.” She doesn’t look up, just keeps her head in her phone and says back “You’ve found one…” So I’m a little freaked out, but also kind of flattered. Its not often I get to make new friends that easily, we don’t even know each other’s names! Not important. But anyway, I roll with it, and ask her what she’s working on her phone, and son-of-a-B, you wouldn’t believe if I told you, which I am telling you, but it was [*******]! I guess you had to be there because she did NOT look like a [*******] kind of woman. Not important.

Anyway, we make some small talk, I tell her about myself, she talks a little bit about herself, and after the appropriate amount of jibber-jabber she asks me about the game I was playing when she got here. “Oh, E&P? Yeah, it’s just something to fill the time. I’m not that lucky at it, though.” Just then, she sets down her phone, and I’ll never forget what she said to me in that moment, but it was something, like, “What if you could have all the luck?” Or “Perhaps your luck will turn around…”

Ok… “Go on…” I remember saying. She goes into this lengthy long-winded tirade monologue about how I could get lucky everytime, but “those of whom you care the least for, shall suffer poor luck through an e-curse.”

No brainer, right?! “Sign me up!”

So anyway, to make a long story long, she says she has to go, we wish each other well, and as she’s leaving I look down and see she left her phone, so I quickly yell “Hey Lady! You forgot something!” But she was already gone. So I grab the phone to see if I can find some contact information, or maybe some online banking info and I look down, and its MY E&P account on the phone

Since then, I’ve always gotten exactly what I want from the game, whether it be a hero, AMs, good boards, etc. To make it fun, I’ll still get something I don’t want - it’s not fun winning all the time. But anyway, “for those of whom you care the least” I thought was interesting. Probably (?) not related to your e-curses, just thought it was something I’d bring up.

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I’m in the same boat… maybe ~17 months play:

Red: none
Purple: 1 crit
Blue: 1 crit
Green: 1 crit and 1 mana
Yellow: 3 crit and 2 mana

9 total 4* troops… and this with as many mystic visions, chests, and me doing very well on almost all reward tiers for events (for tokens) :cry:

What fun, we’re posting our progress with 4* troops :slight_smile:

Purple: 0
Yellow: 1 mana, 1 crit
Blue: 2 mana, 1 crit
Green: 0
Red: 2 crit

14 months of playing, but I think I’m just gonna save up for a 10 pull on the epic troop summon. I’ve been hunting green and purple a long while

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Pretty sure e-curses belong in the RCT, not because the concept is ridiculous, it’s not, I explain above, but that’s where an e-curse can be fully appreciated.

Blue was my shorfall. After 1 year I finally pulled a 4* Blue Crit, and at 1.4 year my first 4* Mana. Plenty of all other colors.

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