Dves - Issue the must be corrected immediately

In latest Alliance war, this happens. One admittedly strong team defeated 3 strong team attacks between me and other player taking almost no damage. There is obviously a problem there.

Primary problem is that Lady of Lake is far OP. The swords’ ability to remove mana is especially bad, because you cannot ever fire your own specials.

Correction required of you immediately:

  • Remove swords’ ability to remove mana or limit the number of times per battle her special can fire, or just make using her in war an automatic-lose condition for a defending team.

  • Implement immediate correction of starvation boards. One of my attempts i went in full opposite color from her to try to knock out quick. And of course board started with 2 tiles of that color. I think I only was given made 1-3 matches on that color the whole match and never fired a special.

Correction required on this problem is immediate. Failure to do so will be seen as an open statement that your game is intentionally playing unfairly and should be removed from distribution because of such.

The broken thing is not the lady…

It’s the game feature that was implemented to give ailing slow and very slow heroes value after being exposed to years of faster and faster super creeps…

Now you want to nerf the slow heroes because of an idiotic game feature…?



Thanks for the early morning chuckle with this


Dude. Too much. “Correction required immediately”?!? This isnt a legal brief. Game isnt unfair. We all face the same challenges. Unfair would assume that someone else has an advantage.

There are other places to complain about these items.

Shes not overpowered. She’s annoying and really shines in very fast wars and raids. But that one time is not a reason to nerf her across the board. I could say the same about Alfrike. But again, kudos to anyone who has those slower heroes maxed and let them shine.


no, unfair is to mean that system is unfair to players, even if doing so equally to all players.

Oh and just looked. 8 of our team have now hit this one team for effectively zero damage . That is proof of major problem.

Pompitous may have point about OP being more due to the ‘very fast’ nonsense than her own nature. But that doesn’t change that she is game-breaking OP in this war.

What was the rest of the team? And who did you use to attack them? Are they the last team on the field for a reset? I’d question why 8 flags yielded no points. No team is insurmountable, but yes there is an element of luck or randomness. There isn’t a major problem with LotL (or any slow hero in a v.fast war). Strategy and teamwork may be required when facing this kind of opponent. A strategic retreat in a war attack (especially when facing teams with revivers) is important to consider. Bust down one or two enemies, retreat before heal or revive, and then change your color stack to remove the rest.


This is proof that LotL is a very situational hero. Also that you usually need lucky boards to defeat her in v.fast wars and tournaments. But other heroes are equally situational: Boss Wolf / Alfrike / Guardian Owl all also shine in v.fast wars and tournaments. But they are not such a threat anywhere else.


Entire VF rule is broken.
If you are in alliance with beginner/mid members and against you have that one 4700 team with krampus, mother, costume Elena, and others you’re done. You won’t flip till you waste 5 and more flags.
This war my alliance met such team, me - 0, colleague - 0… I think it took 6 of our flags to kill that guy.
Absolute nightmare which shouldn’t exist.

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V Fast wars and tournaments are the only way to make maxing slow and very slow heroes reasonable.

Of course they will dominate here. They lose their (usually) only weakness. But they do not dominate anywhere else.

It’s not an issue but a feature. I suggest using venting threads if you were unlucky with your war flags instead of calling out a ‘major issue’ because mana-controlling hero has mana-controlled you.


I just wonder who is supposed to have the power to remove the game from distribution because a player finds an intentionally difficult match-up, difficult.

I’m not great at pvp but I turned over a LotL team earlier today. Can’t remember the details but I believe Grimble was involved. I usually bring cleric Rigard instead of costumed, in hope of resisting the mana ailment. Other options are Seshat (resists mana reduction) and Noor (red, kills minions).


Stop hitting her with tiles… unless you mono or stack 3 … kill her 1st…

Also. ITS OK that some hero’s are powerful :joy::panda_face:


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