Dusky Innuendo, sister alliance to Night Whispers

We’re branching out! The first thing we want to do is cultivate the right players for our main alliance, Night Whispers. First dibs on entry will always go to qualified Innuendo members.

We’re going to help people grow into the players they want to be. Of course, since it’s the Whispers family we’re going to be a bit… bad :smirk:. We’re going to be about having fun but also participating. Be involved in Wars and Titans.

We’re not only looking for members, we’re looking for leadership material. We want all our members on Line, where they can share the knowledge and enjoy the good times with Night Whispers family!

Find me on Line: DocProfit

Or apply to Dusky Innuendo, if you know what I mean! :wink:

Seek us out! You won’t be disappointed!