During war attack connection fail

So many of my fallows in alliance experienced connection fail during war attack. The war point was deducted, the heroes were enabled, but damage caused on the enemy was not noted. could be, that if the damage doest load, the war point and hero availibility will still be active?

Please no, do you know how many “disconnects” would happen then? People would never fail an attack

I have had that happen to me before, I was either on a weak cell phone or Wi-Fi connection, or worse, the game somehow crashed mid-war, and the phone re-started.

I believe the game notes which hero you used in the battle and deducts your War Energy, even before you start your battle against your opponent, and once the battle is over, records the status, calculate how much points to award you for your efforts. But if there are any connection issues after this process that the game cannot proceed with the battle, it gives you 0 points against the opponent.

So, I have had 0 points awarded me for:

  1. Graphic shows I am moving my forces to attack an opponent, but the connection to the server timed out, and the battle is over.
  2. I am already in mid battle, the network connection had issues (see the connection symbol flashing), and ultimately, the connection failed, and I got 0 points and the opponent is unscathed, but I used up my resources.
  3. My game crashed / phone on low battery - resource used up.

Suggestion would always be playing the game on charged phone and on reliable data connection.

our problem was phone call during the attack which caused the disconection. how can we prevent this when game is to be played on smart phone?

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