Duplicating characters on the battlefield?

Hey everyone. This is ski-ski making another question about setting up your teams for battle. How many use multiple guys of the same character?

I do on many occasions. One you have to be blessed to have multiple characters and that are leveled up enough to make them worthy to fight. Also they need to be good enough to pair up. My favorite is a dual pair of Heimdall. Nothing like having 2 healers and resurrectors to constantly feed your other three attackers 1000 life points every so often and potentially bring them back into the fight when they expire.

I have the same luck with my solid red team with two Elanas that once activated make the whole team counterattack any hits. Usually I use those against a slower or average team so that eventually the opposition takes them self out.

Thoughts? For more interesting play Throughs strategies and fun challenges please visit my YouTube channel.


I use 2 or 3 elradirs against teams that give dot. The reflect mechanic stacks with itself so this duplication makes sense

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I used to have an all yellow attack team for war I called my holy assassins. It was made up of four Malosis and one Joon. 3 out of 4 times they were successful due to very fast mana allowing them to get to the special quickly and usually I could take out 2 their guys before they took out one of mine. A race for a win.


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