Duplicates destroy the game

I would really love it if this game did not allow duplicates. That they were all part of the city you create and that way it would not make sense to have two identical heroes. It would also make the benefit of not allowing summons to be duplicates of what you already have - that way, when you have summoned all three stars, four stars, standard five stars (yes, spent a whole lot of money!), it would be easier to get the heores that you really want.

Today it is really the opposite - if you have spent a whole lot of money to get many heroes the chance of getting a hero you want is really slim and you end up with endless duplicates that will never be leveled. And let’s face it, hero academy didn’t really solve the issue…

Not really. Maybe for you. Although variety is good, several players would love to have some of their dupe heroes get maxed and perhaps emblemed. I have several duplicate heroes leveled and maxed, i.e. Lianna and her costume, Guardian Gazelle and Gravemaker (and several others posed to be ascended such as Joon and his costume, Ariel, Clarissa, Mitsuko, etc.), and I have several 4* heroes multiple copies of which are maxed and emblemed, i.e. Guardian Jackals, Guardian Falcons, Gullinburstis, Rigards and his costume, Melendors and his costume, Boldtusks and his costumes, Wilburs, Kirils, Sonyas and her costume, Cardmons and his costume, Sumles, Tiburtuses and his costume, Hansels, Gretels, Tritons, Proteuses, Scarletts, Grimms, etc. And I have maxed 4 copies of the same rare heroes, i.e. Rudolphs, Gatos and Hisans.

Though I may agree that getting dupes of not-very-prized legendaries are annoying as they take up roster space and not to much to be excited about, but in general, I don’t agree that duplicates destroy the game. Fact is, in certain circumstances, they are beneficial both in offense and defense. It is up to the player and a boxed idea that there should be no duplicate heroes does not really destroy the game. Unbalanced heroes do, i.e. S1 heroes vs S3 heroes, etc.


The idea is rather imprecise. What if one have already summoned all of the available heroes? I guess he wouldn’t be allowed to do another summons. That would also mean that income generated from a single player is limited. That’s why it will never happen.
Besides some of the duplicates are very useful. I can’t see a reason to get rid of them.

I’ve around 90 5* unlevelled, most of them have more than one copy of. Waste of roster space but just sit there as I can’t just feed them away for nothing. Something needs doing to help fix these issues

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Okey, maybe it does not destroy the game, and I was just frustrated that the game is too expensive for me now.

I also like some of my duplicates, like Gravemaker and other heroes you mention. But I rather have a good variety of heroes, instead of duplicates - and not having to pay 1000$ to have a reasonable chance to land new heroes.

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If you have summoned all available heroes, I would say that SG have already made enough money on that player. I know, this will not happen - but it is an issue that will probably make me quit playing in som time.

The duplicates are useful because SG have made the useful (wars and events were you cannon use a hero more than once), but otherwise I see no point in having duplicates. Or, at least I would rather have more heroes to choose from than leveling the same hero over and over.

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