Duplicate points for Titan

Hello. So, l went in to hit the Titan, there were 11 669 blood. I hit and knocked him down, then I saw another one of our alliance struck with me and he took 11 669 blood, so my question is … is it possible to record points individually to each but not count as taken from Titan, in other words, according to players points, 23 338 blood should be taken from Titan ?

Is it possible that this happens during the battle, and if so, it is definitely a bug?

The total blood of the Titan is 2 024 000, and the alliance members have taken him 2 035 669 … with 11 669 more !!

It’s not bug. You are both attacking same time. And both making that final attack to that titan. That’s why points are more. That only happens, when players kill titan same time, not in other titan attacks.


I’ve also reported that but they don’t see it as a bug…

Well, if it was bug, which of those player should lose those points and possible going down in attack list. Both of them are using one titan attack after all. :wink: I think, is fair that way.

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In my opinion, this is a bug because the points that the two players take affect the ranking and, more precisely, the entry into the designated prize distribution area. This may be detriment of another player who will receive a smaller priźe ccordingly

It has always been that way.

Is it alweays so, does it mean it is right and should not be corrected?

In this case yes. I agree with LuluA85.

Both players have hit the titan, both players have spent a titan attack, both players have caused damage.

I have no problem that both my teams mates get awarded for there effort in a situation like this.

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