Duplicate Kingston or Elkanen? which one to level

I now have the mats to level one of these green, I already have one Kingston with Emblems.

Which one would you move up next?

Dup kingston IMO

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+1 2x Kingston all day

Kingston… but like with 0 doubts!

Neither for now…wait for another green that is worthwhile. Unless you happen to have 12 tonics, then go for the second Kingston.

Telluria or if not King #2.

No question Kingston here too. I have 2 Elkanens and can’t see myself maxing him at all :cry:. I have high hopes for Hero academy.


And I’m with you @Sarah2… really hoping Elk gets a decent Costume or my copies of him will end up being recycled.

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Another Kingston will make the game just too easy. For a real challenge - try using an Aife.
Elkanen is a midway… :wink:

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Kingston 2, but the better play is to see if you pull the March HOTM, which is green.

Kingston #2 imo. Having two of him on both wings will neuter the attack of the whole opposing team.

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