Duplicate heroes new rules

**Is it true that you are bringing out new rules about using duplicate heroes or having duplicate heroes in your squad. If it is true what are the new rules. ** Thank you.

I’ve not heard anything to that effect unless @Kerridoc knows better.
There aren’t staff around normally until Monday

That would be great. Nobody enjoys fighting 5 Gravemakers all at 4/80.

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That would be very bad. It is a high level of intervention in the player’s choices, in the use of his heroes. We get our heroes at a high price and we strive hard to leave them at their maximum. To limit its uses is to cripple the strategies and the game itself.


As I’ve posted a couple of times on the forums, yes, there are new rules in beta that will greatly help the situation when you’ve got a hero at max level but not max special. Dupes of that “stuck” hero will be especially valuable in that situation. This change only applies to the “stuck” hero, though, not to normal feeding.

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But just to be clear, nothing restricting or penalizing multiple heroes on a team, right?

Worst case is if a hero is stuck at 3/60 3/70 without his special skill maxed. There is no further leveling before you get or you decide to spent ascension mats for him… I have a Kelile in this situation with level 7 special… I will not waste blades to ascend her, but I would use feeders to max her special… unfortunately that is not an option…

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I think a fair solution would be to feed a copy (when hero is maxed) giving a 100% chance to increase the special. Let‘s see
I have several 3* sitting on 5/8 and 7/8 but I dont really care.

No, there isn’t any rule about duplicates not being allowed, but there is something in the works to make duplicates more valuable for maxed heroes without a maxed out skill. So if you have any heroes that are at max level, without a maxed skill, keep dupes of those heroes for this future implementation.

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Where did you post this at?

I’m still trying to figure out how players get heros that high without maxing special skill?

Feeding all colors. But for 5* its quite impossible. For 4* unlikely but for 3* pretty common

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3* heroes are notoriously difficult to get to 8/8. 4* and 5* would only be an issue with no mats for final ascension

With 3* it’s understandable but i just dont level 3* so explains why i haven’t had the issue.

4* i had melendor hit 3/60 at 6/8 but that’s because i speed leveled him when i first started and didnt know what i was doing lol. He got trainers, 3*, all kinds of crap before his special skill was maxed. Pretty much took him from 1/1 to 3/60 as soon as i got him, not realizing how random special skill can be.

Been doing 10 rainbow 1* until special skill is maxed ever since. And after 14 months that is still the 1 hero I’ve had that issue with. (His special skill did max in 4th ascension lol not saying it’s still unmaxed, just saying no other hero has given me that problem)

For instance:


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Lol wow idk how i missed that

Not to put too fine a point on it, but @Kerridoc posts fairly often :grinning:


I’ve had quite a few 3*s stuck at 4/8 or 5/8 and just feed them 1 copy at a time even if I have multiples. Works well with just 25%. Got all of them to max special.

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The only ones where it’s a real issue, as opposed to an annoyance, are seasonal 3* heroes, where the chance to have duplicates show up is limited to one month a year. I want to kick my Squire Wabbit, still sitting at 4/8…

Thanks for the clarification.

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