Duplicate Heroes in formation?


Just curious if anyone has a strong, reliable formation that uses duplicate heroes e.g. two li xiu or two alberichs.

I ask because I have duplicates and wondering if they should become food for other heroes of if I should hang on to them. I would hate to invest time and resources to ascending duplicate heroes needlessly.

I currently have duplicate li xiu and jackals.

Any advice?


I have duplicate LiXius and Scarletts. I intend to raise all my singles first, though I’m keeping the dupes to try doubling them someday. :wink:


I guess it depends on your line up, the duplucate hero in question and the opponent you face.

I would consider a few things
1: Always keep 1x copy of all 4* and 5* you get. Heros might get changed.
2: Consider your other heros. If your only 2 strong green attackers are 2xCaedmons. Sure, level them both.
3: Do you intend to use the duplicates on offense or defense? 2xLi Xiu is probably annoying on defense.
4: Do you have the room? Or are they taking up valuable space?

I kept and leveled 5xCaedmons just for fun haha! :slight_smile: