Duplicate 4* to be kept, or discarded

For 5* I have only Elena, so no doubt here.
I don’t have many 4*, but some of them are duplicate. I have:

2 Long John
3 Triton
2 Proteus
2 Gadeirus
1 Agwe (this is not a duplicate, but it sucks, so I am not sure whether to keep it)

Which ones would you sacrifice, which one would you keep?

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Definitely keep second Proteus.

If you have plenty of 4*, then keep only 1-2 Triton and 1 Lil’ John. If not, keep all of them for now.

Keep them all for now…DO NOT sacrifice proteus!
I am keeping all “good” 4* …i think i have about 7 proteus and about the same of Wilburs…keeping and leveling some of them…will se hiw the academy will come out.

Someday they could all be useful. Imagine a Tournament with 4* max, all heroes very fast, and no red. Those Gadeiruses would be amazing.
Whether any tournament is worth playing… well that’s a different subject.


I was keeping all four-star dupes for a long time, but obviously there comes a point where that is expensive to sustain. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll keep one dupe of everyone, in case I want to use the costumed and non-costumed versions at the same time. More than one dupe? I’ve been hanging onto those until I’m ready to level the dupe so there is a better chance of the special skill leveling faster (+25% chance per dupe fed.) After the Alchemy Lab debacle, I have little faith in the Hero Academy, and it will take so long to build that I’ll probably have new dupes by then anyway.

I’d be much more willing to chuck Little John (or any non-Grade A) season 1 hero than any Atlantis (or event) hero. Your training camps can (and will) provide duplicates of LJ and company, but not Proteus and such. If duplicates become inordinately valuable you will be happiest having kept those that are hardest to re-obtain.


If you’re running low on space, I’d sacrifice season one heroes over season two heroes.

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Agreed. I don’t know what I’ll do with 3 Danzaburos, but I’ll keep them over season 1 dupes! :laughing:

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