Dupe heroes and new class mechanic

I see players referring to this new system and saying they are saving all their duplicate heroes: why?

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I think there are currently three reasons people are saving duplicates more than usual:

  1. If you have a maxed hero with a special skill level stuck below 8/8, the duplicate may soon be more useful for fixing that than it currently is.

  2. The new Class Quests are likely to have limits on which heroes you’re allowed to use in them, which will make bench depth more necessary. Not yet knowing what you’ll need from what you have, it’s safer to save.

  3. We know almost nothing about what the new Raid Challenges will entail. Again, having extra heroes around doesn’t hurt.


Im saving mine just in case one has to be sacrificed for either of the new buidlings coming out. Donate a duplicate to ascend/trade for mats. Idk whats gonna be the costs for upgrades.

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Because it’s not bad enough that we churn “recruits” into heroes and feed heroes to each other…now we need a building for ritual sacrifice. :laughing:


Ritual sacrifice is a good reason.

Are devs going old testament?


Wish i read this before i posted lmao


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We already make heroes eat others, so sacrifice to the gods to be granted extra power, dont seem too far fetched to me.


Well, I would say that with that new class system, you could get very different results for the same hero. E. g. you could choose to make him something like “assassin” (buffed attack/accuracy), “shield” (buffed defense/better healing), or “sorcerer” (stronger spells). With that, there surely will be a way to use at least some of your duplicates.


Classes are predetermined by SG


Your references seem to be from threads not seen on this forum. Can you, or anyone, elaborate or show a link?

This is referring to “still being changed beta content” so there aren’t really threads outside the beta forums. In a nutshell there are class specific quests where you can only use heroes from the 2 classes shown (ie cleric plus paladin quest).

But given that every beta update with classes has had a bunch of heroes switch classes, it’s way premature to worry about it (ie making ascension decisions based on something still very much in flux).


In a nutshell, do you think saving duplicate heroes was justified in any iteration seen in beta?

depends on your roster space. i tend to keep at least 2 of each hero 4 star and higher unless they really stink or become junk at higher levels (ie Kashhrek, Cyprisn, etc).


It would be great if they’d feed more information on this feature


There’s really not too much to feed. Each hero has a class. Once a hero is fully leveled (say 4.80 and 8/8 for a 5*), you can further “level” them by learning talents. Talents are acquired various ways, but one way is a quest. The quest limits the heroes you can use to certain classes.

Some players may find they are lacking heroes in a certain class. Since the exact mechanics are still being tweaked, there’s not much else. But people are saving heroes in case they need more to compete in a certain event.

Hope this helps some. As always, there’s more strategy than this - this is basic mechanics. And of course, all subject to change.


You bring me back to the question I had for @Dante2377 about whether each “tweak” tested or only some gave testers reason to think saving dupe heroes would be a good idea.

Most spenders have multiples of 4/5* heroes as mentioned by Dante and @Kerridoc in this forum. But some f2p and c2p players may have kept leaner rosters as roster slots can become expensive.

Knowing a bit more would help. Just sayin

I imagine the classes are fairly set, it’s just the heroes that aren’t decided. We can see what it did to Richard in that sneak peek. Give us some more information on what is trying to be done on each class tree and a ballpark release. Are we close?


In regards to when it will come out, can’t help you there. Only sgg knows for sure what else they want to tweak. Sorry On that front.

In regards to what the classes offer, it varies. Some have higher chance to dodge specials. Some gain a DOT. Some are able to revive. Here’s quite a few options and it’s going to take some time to get used to it I believe. And some items are still being tweaked. But sort of on the line of abilities specific to a certain class.

Hope I’m helping some here by giving a taste. It is still being tweaked though so the specifics can change. With so many new classes and skills for each class plus new talents, there’s actually quite a lot there.


That is helpful.

10 classes as of right now?

I can speak from the f2p or c2p perspective. As a data point, I believe I have 21 heroes with power over 600 for wars (mixture of 4* and 5*). Pertaining to my top 30 for war, I typically use 9 fully leveled 3*. So now you know where I am. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, you will want to have enough heroes to field a team for the quests. If you have a small inventory, you may find that you will need 2* or even 1* heroes to fill a full team. It all depends.

As for myself, I typically raid with only 4* and 5*. I found myself dipping into my 3* field for the new quests.

So I personally don’t think it’s about having duplicate heroes, but rather having enough heroes in each class. Some may choose duplicates, some may choose variety. That’s where the strategy comes into play.

For the classes I didn’t have, there were heroes I had unlevelled. Just to name a few, I have kashhrek, kelile, melander, colen, Boris, and li xiu all unlevelled - we deal the hands we have. This is just season 1 4*. There are also s2 and event heroes out there plus 3* and 5*s I have but did not list. So now I have to choose - level one of these that fits the class I need or level a duplicate of one I have in that class that I like. There’s more than one way to play.


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