Duoble Revenge

is it me or I newer knew that its posible to do a duoble revenge and claim a hefty nearly 100 trophies

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You probably hit that player twice, with even a day or two between, so they had two revenge oportunities. They don’t even necessarily need to show up in your watchtower, as their raids might already been replaced by other attacks while your raids might still be available for revenge in their watch tower.


oh my what are the odds of that, finding the same player twice with that luck might as well I buy a lottery ticket.

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It’s not uncommon to see the same player especially once you start reaching mid-Diamond at 2600 and even moreso once in the Top 100. Now, if these raids are happening in crowded arenas like Platinum or lower, that’s incredibly RARE!

At 1237 cups, that’s lower Gold Arena. This is extremely odd to see the same player at that level.

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You’d be surprised how often you re-roll the same names over and over soon as your cups get high enough… You’re only able to re-roll in a + - 300 cups from your position. If you get anywhere near top 10 with, let’s say, 3100 cups, you will only be able to re-roll through a few hundreds names, so the chance of re-rolling the same names is pretty high…

I’m nowhere near that level but I was raiding the other day and was looking through revenge opportunities in the WatchTower and i spied a familiar avatar and some national colours (Ukraine! Love from Australia!). I was “you had that evil fast Kashh’ tank…”. Clicked on the player and it was them from weeks earlier. The poor guy, that was unlucky.

It doesn’t need to be a day or two.

Let jusy say @Darisas attack that player twice in the span of a week.

If that player is inactive and that defense have fallen down, chance is that player rarely got attacked.

Therefore @Darisas name could be in that player’s watchtower twice.

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This is a legitimate bug. Twice this week i have revenged the same person twice (from the same revenge button!!) Edit to clarify that the double revenges on 2 occasions were different people

I don’t know how to recreate it but i have did it again today.

Adding photo to show where i revenged.

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