Dumb question, I’m new here


Besides the stat update in the profile, what is the big deal about getting thebkill shot on a titan? Is there anything special about it?


Nothing special. Just bragging rights i guess


That’s what I thought but I’ve heard about scooping and how it’s a cool thing to do. What does that even count towards?


Haven’t heard of scooping myself. But if it refers to getting the last hit some people just like to be the man, or woman, to take down the beast. :sunglasses:


Personally I hate getting last hit. It means I didn’t rack up as much damage as I might have.

Alliances should coordinate who is getting last hit so that you don’t waste flags by having several members whacking away when one would do. Titan flags are valuable!


I fully agree with @Kerridoc, I wish they’d just remove that statistic.

And I’m not even a little ashamed to plug the “Bettet and more titan statistics” subject.


I have 75 final hits… :roll_eyes:


I have more than 150 winning raids in a row, then I started playing normally without revenging 6/6 all the time. Stats are pretty pointless but is one aspect of the game where players could feel a sense of progression.


Winning 150 raids in a row is one heck of a feat!


558 to catch me. If you don’t worry about trophies, it is not hard to get long streaks


I take it, raid defense is not counted? Otherwise this would not seem possible.


Correct, the streak only counts your attacks


No, it count only attacking raids.
5trainers defense team, 0 cups and revenge are the “way to go”


I have 136 titan kills, and 137 finishing strikes. At least the bug when it lost my kill made for a talking point.