Duels with Alliance members

Hello! I thought of an idea that I think would be a pretty nice feature to add to the game. It would be great if we could battle our alliance members in order to work on our skills and strategies or test out new heroes without the consequences of a real battle.

This would be great for alliance camaraderie as well as being able to help newer players get the best out of the game and their heroes. People tend to play longer when they feel they’re doing well and when they enjoy the social aspects, and it would be a great way to heighten the competition at all levels.

Thanks for reading!


Its a great idea you got there. +1


This has been proposed many times. It is still a great idea though. +1


I figured it must have been proposed before, but I only did a cursory look at the recent threads list. I wonder why it hasn’t been implemented yet?

I would guess there has just been other things that has been of higher priority vs amount of work needed to implement the feature. Friendly battles would probably mean a lot more fights for server to handle and the server are already, as it seems, on their knees. They have also had quite a lot of fires to put out after releasing some glitchy new heroes. I think this proposal goes in the same category as “we would like to be able to rewatch the defensive fights”.

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