Duel titan finishers

I had a scenario where a titan had about 8000 hp left and another alliance member and I were fighting at the same time. The titan was defeated in the middle of both of our battles with time to spare and nobody got the credit for finishing the titan.

So can there be two players to get the finish or maybe go off of last to hit.


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We have had the same scenario in our alliance. I did get credit for finish attack but I was loged whit 1 min more that my teammate had, but we had the same hit score (the remaining HP of titan).

And since my teammate was on the top of the attack list I guest that he also got credit for finish of the titan.
(I didn’t ask)

I wonder if my issue is a bug then. Thanks for posting.

Finishing the Titan doesn’t give any extra reward, but it’s nice for bragging rights. When you’re at the end of a Titan it’s importan to coordinate hits through chat to not waste flags (if you’re pushing the clock).


I have 16 finishing titan strikes.
The opportunity doesn’t come
Around all that often, maybe
1 out of 10. Any advice to
Increase this is welcomed.
Thanks for sharing.

Luke do you have a line account.? I have a couple of questions for you. Thanks

Line ID pitguy.

Yes, I sent you a chat. Hit me up