Due to animation Special skill acts later / animation duration overlapping is wrong


I have RedHood and Colen.

Animation for RH special takes at least 2 seconds…

So when I have specials for both heroes I dont wait and activate specialls quite quickly one after another - under 1 second: first RH special and after Colen’s.

Funny thing is that this is how things are going down:

  1. Foxies appear - with the animation of the fox eyes etc
  2. Until RH damages all enemies… Colen’s fire damages all enemies
  3. RH 131% damages all enemies…

This aint right… Who does first damage aint an issue. Is the same outcome.

Or the damage may be delt it the right order… RH first, Colen after, but for sure the animation is as I said. And the damage numbers appear as I said.

When I give the final blow only RH damage appear and fight is over and Colen doesnt shoot - I think.

Either way this is a bug.

Just wanted to let you know.

Specials act in the order you cast them, even if the animations are confusing. You can confirm this by testing your Red Hood with someone who reduces defense - Gormek, Grimm, Tiburtus, Isarnia, etc. Testing both orders, you’ll see that Red Hood deals more damage if fired second, even if the animation appears second when you cast her first.

I had a similar bug during an Atlantis fight against Gill-Ra. Her special inflicted attack/defense debuffs on my team, and I just happened to have both Boldtusk and Vivica charged, so I fired BT then Viv in quick succession to overwrite both debuffs with buffs. What actually happened was this:

  1. BT’s animation ended first, leaving everyone with an attack buff (normal),
  2. Vivica’s animation ended second, leaving everyone with a defense buff (normal), but…
  3. Vivica’s cleanse effect “cleansed” BT’s attack buff (bug). The end result was a defense buff only.

I couldn’t replicate it during the same fight, but I do suspect that there is some kind of bug involving the order and speed of casting certain specials.

Dont have them but I wish to have them for titans…

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