Ducks are broken and need to be nerfed

How does SGG expect us to hunt 10 ducks for the POV? Only players with the deepest rosters and the proper counters can hope to complete this mission!

Their very fast speed “Flying over the base” special is completely OP. They should be downgraded to average at best!

On top of it, their synergy with the Goblin Balloon is taking over the meta. When its taunt is active, I keep tapping on it and randomly opening it. And if I manage to fire my dispeller, the ducks’ passive “90% chance to dodge fat fingers” makes them virtually impossible to kill anyway.

Meanwhile, villagers have needed a buff since forever, but the devs just don’t care. According to my sources, they’ll give ducks a costume instead. Shame on you SGG!

Nerf the ducks and buff the villagers!

Edit: As pointed out by @PlayForFun, they also turn into ghost form for 120 turns just when your heroes are ready to fire. Nerf the ducks!

Edit 2: And why make them rogues?! As if their dodge passive didn’t make them nearly immortal already? I bet their costume will be fighter and they’ll revive mid-air. NERF. THE. DUCKS.

Edit 3: I just faced ducks equipped with level 30 magic troops and it was like trying to hit intercontinental ballistic missiles with a slingshot! If SGG doesn’t address this, I’m quitting the game for at least 8 hours!

Edit 4 (I’m lying, I also edited typos): Dear @Petri, it’s been 4 days since I created this topic and nothing has been done about ducks. I feel like my supplications have fallen on deaf ears. I implore you to be the voice of reason and advocate for a duck nerf in the next balance update. The power to make the world a better place is within your hands. You could be the hero of our community, or the bystander of a cruel injustice. I am begging you, choose the right side of history!


Don’t panic. Just use your Chao’s eagle to hunt ducks. If you are lucky, it will pop the Goblin Balloon too. The disadvantage of this is that your villagers won’t get hunted ducks, so they may starve a little bit. Good luck!


I don’t think the villagers need a buff. Their defense and health are incredibly high! I’ve never managed to kill one, no matter how long I’m tapping.


:joy: Well damn, this is probably the most compelling argument for leveling up Chao I’ve ever heard.

Another reason to buff villagers!


I agree… But I do believe they need costumes :popcorn:


:joy: Fair point. This begs the questions “For how long are you tapping on them?!” and “Why in the world would you tap on them for this long?!” though. :joy:


Just like the rest of us…
There’s never any food in this village!


If you are patient enough you can kill a dragon flying nearby your castle, you just need to tap it to death, but it is possible. So this is suspicious, that only villagers don’t die from tapping…


Food needs a costume!


Wait, did you try to kill villagers too? Am I surrounded by psychopaths?! :joy:


SG should also allow us to buy seeds to attract Ducks which can be hunted as they are not come very often…


I didn’t try to kill them, I was checking how much they can withstand… Out of curiosity! :>

Don’t tell me that you never tried to kill people in The Sims, everybody tried that, right? Right? :joy:


I don’t know if I would support this because then they might force you to use gems to buy a license to hunt bloody ducks


We needed a new building too, which can be used to train ourselves to kill ducks…
Level 1 of this building will just allow you to research you the very basic skills, and it will improve level by level.
At level 10 you will be a professional Duck killer.
Even if you are waken up at night then you can still kill them all at once with your eyes closed.


:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Riiight, out of curiosity. Is checking how much they can withstand that less messed up than trying to kill them anyway? :joy:

NO! I did not. Then again, I’ve never played The Sims. I probably would’ve tried if I had. :joy:


You can use Miki, Peters and Teetukh to silence some ducks. Drop right out of the sky.

That’s 5.

Then you can tap the other 5 in time.


And just for a bargain $5.99 you can buy the “Duck Call” for a month which increases the numbers of ducks to so many you can’t see the Castle until you’ve cleared out a few hundred of them…


:joy: “Epic Deal! $5.99 to make your stronghold nearly unusable for a month. 480% value!” I like it.


Ducks need to be nerfed? Seriously?
Should nerf their Halloween bat costume first in my opinion. Have you seen how quickly they fly?


I don’t understand how everyone gets ducks. I’ve saved all my gems and coins, and still whenever I do a 30-pull, no ducks appear!

This game is broken! It must have been that one time I made a snarky comment about SG, and now they have nerfed my account and given me some sort of perma-bad luck glitch!!!