Dubble 4* heroes usefull?

Are dubble/triple etc… 4* heroes usefull to have? I used to hear/read that in the hero academy you could transmutate them to ascension material, but is this true? so my question is: is it usefull the have 2 or 3 or more of the same heroes without even leveling them up?

Nope, see:

Sometimes, yes. I prefer Boril over Zyprian, so I have him twice. You can beat easily Ursena on hard mode with 2 Borils Boldtusk, Melandor and Rigard.

the only 4* dupes I kept are Rigard (I kept 4, so far leveled 2), Hansel, Jackal, Proteus. Grimm.

Rigard mainly for war purposes and the rest I find useful for tournaments and Events.
Whether to keep or not is dependent on the changes of Hero Academy (if there will be some) and your pulling behaviour. As you see - I didn’t.


If I where lucky enough to have two Jackals and two Proteus I would keep them too.

My dupes in 4* are:
Boril, Rigard[1] and Melandor[1]

My 3* roster is full of dupes… :slight_smile:

[1]with costume and vanilla

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In my honest opinion, yes duplicate 4 star heroes (and others) are and can be very useful.
It’s probably best to list your duplicates so that people can give you advice on what to level, what to feed and what to save for the Hero Academy

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I have two of the following:
BT, Mel, Sonya, Cad, Rigard, Tib and Kiril
Can’t have to many dispellers healers and cleansers imo especially for wars

As our lawyer would say: it depends. Apparently not for the hero academy at the moment. But sure for your second, third and so on war team. Which 4 *? See lawyer. Depends on your roster, opponent, strategy and so on. @JGE hint would help.

4* duplicates can often be useful, especially for war and the new tavern of legends since both modes only allow a hero to be used once. For instance, 4* healers make up all my healers so I have multiple Rigards that I use in Wars.

At this moment, there is no use for duplicates 4* in the Heroes Academy but remember that it is STILL in Beta, so that could always change when we see a final iteration. I have a bunch of duplicates 4* that I don’t plan on leveling but will hold onto them until it’s we know for certain they’ll have no use.

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Rigard,melendor,kiril,sonya,proteus,mist,brynhild are all great for war especially

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