Dual Defense 4-1? What do you think about it?

I think the newer heroes make stacking on raid D much more possible, still not quite better than rainbow at large, but I think if you can combine the right heroes it would be pretty cool. I’m also interested in trying a stack defense once I get more 5* depth.

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Tried something very similar. Not great.

Isn’t there also a little mana gain for all heroes on defense each turn regardless of being hit by tiles?

Yes, as the posting says. :wink:

I just met sth similar and it was a Blitzkrieg.

:rainbow: Def 4 the win :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I think I’m going to do Atlantis family with Alby and King

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I’m still playing around with this defense. Here’s the best 2 dark hero defense I can come up with now.

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Do you don’t have a fast red for your left wing or an average for right flank? Then it would become a candidate for a reroll…

Imo there are only 3 decent positions for doubling up colors.

  1. flanks
  2. wing/flank
  3. wings

Don’t use more than 2 of the same element on a single def.
Don’t use more than a single stack on a single def.
Don’t duble up the tank element.

Best bet seems to stay :rainbow:

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I’ve had great score both ways, so… I’m sure it works best if you’re super leveled up, & especially if you have some time stops to add to it. So, still experimenting.

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