Drunk Punched Chipmunks recruiting now 4200 plus...war driven

Semi agressive group that work in a unity for wars and Titans…well diversed in knowledge and game play looking for more players and merger. Look us up!


Have you guys ever thought about joining another smaller alliance? We have been recruiting for a bit. Check out this ad, and my Line and Discord IDs are on here if you want to chat about it.

I appreciate the offer but have to decline, we are currently looking for members to join us to grow and build with.

Fun family style unity with competitive play…war driven and Titan hitting, Titans are low atm for the size of the Start of Alliance.

War Driven and killing it…good unity, teamwork and strategic!

Hi Simplebeardedfool, I’m from Wildcard and would love for you and your alliance to join us. We currently have 20 members. We are an active dedicated group of long term players. Come check us out. We pretty much have the same goal as you guys.

Thank you for the offer

No problem. Take care!

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