Druid talents?

to whom to give druid talents to horghall or melandor?

We need to look at a bigger picure here.
What are your other heroes? Is Horghall your tank? Which of the two do you use more? Are you F2P or spend money (little or much) on gems to try for better heroes? Do you really have to use the emblems now? Can’t wait for some other druid hero you like or want?
It’s hard to answer your question. First thing that comes to mind is prioritize your 5*, but you may drop Horghall in a medium time. Melendor is more useful, healer with high tile damage and debuffer, however you may have BT, Rigard, Sabina, etc. to use more, and not use him so much.

well as tank use aegir my doubt is if I use the talents on horghall can become stronger and then replace aegir, instead melandor I use it in raid or war

Aegir is not so bad that you have to emblem Horghall just to take his place as tank. Even emblemed I wouldn’t pick Horghall over him. If that was your only reason, my vote is for Melendor.


I was having a similar problem figuring who to give my emblems to. Decided on Caedmon he is used for war and I still use him on titans for now. After all is said and done he can be around 700/700 attack/defense and is a fast mini sniper who also debuffs.

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