Drops of ascending materials


i ask here my mimimi Thread cause i am really very disturbed of this game at the moment.

First i want to admit, that i am a really huge lucker of drafting good heroes.
With an invest of round about 500€ in one year i have round about 25 5* heroes and tons of 4*.
100 4 and 5* heroes …
But now it comes, i have absolutely nothing in case of ascending materials.
When november starts i play for one year and i got exactly:

2 Flask = Green
6 Rings = Red
6 Darts = Yellow
3 Glasses = Blue
6 Crest = Purple

1 of my 2 flasks and 1 of the 6 rings i buy for 110€ in those big packs… So if i am honest i have to pull those 2 off…

Thats not what i have left now its the total i got in 1 year of playing. I play from the beginning in a alliance i use from the beginning every possibility to ready up the chests for pvp or monsters and fight vs every titan.

I am not sure if i am doing somehting wrong. Where do you get the most or where are the most chances of getting those items. Its better to be A+, A or B to recieve rewards?

I dont know what to do more? Marjana was my first hero she was 3/70 in December last year, 3 or 4 weeks ago i bought the 109€ pack with 1 ring to finally ascend her…

If i wouldnt hel would be my only 4/x Hero in game after 1 year.
Now i have 6 more red 5* heroes on 3/70 or below but 0 rings si i can count on the next 12 months and 200€ to ascend one of them?
Last atlantis i got alberich my first 5* green hero and i was really shocked to see that i have 2 flasks and missing 4. 1 was bought and the other wan came out from the event quest - so i got 0 from everything else in one year…

Sry for that mimimi but i am really ■■■■■■ up …
But i want to know what i have to do, is it better to be first place at titans, war and so on or is it just luck?

Thank you

Best way to guarantee ascension mats are from the rare quests which spawn about every 2 weeks
Other ways to guarantee 3* or 4* are from atlantis chests
You can check this topic List of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing / Where to earn nonfarmable ascension materials through gameplay it has all the ways of gaining mats


What @Expired said. I’d also note that the game is a grind. My first 5* hero was gravemaker when he was HOTM. He sat at 3.70 for quite a while. Although I have spent since, I was f2p (didn’t spend money) for nearly my first year. Rings have always been the 4* ascension material that I have the least of. I’m going to guess and say it was probably 10 months before he was max. Others have done it faster, but it takes a while.

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Rare Quest is best way to get guarantee unfarmable material.
Shrikewood arrived 25 december 2018.
Shrikewood arrived 1 march 2019.
Shrikewood arrived 1 may 2019.
Shrikewood arrived 1 july 2019.
Shrikewood arrived 30 august 2019.


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So well due to i am really annoyed by my unluck of getting ascending materials i sit on my PC and recaptured everything i did in those ■■■■■■■ 11 months i am playing this here:

In total i get:
6 Glasses
5 Potions
8 Rings
7 Darts
8 Tabarts
Just talking about those high lvl materials due to its easy to recapitulate what i got.

Makes a total of 34 items.

Well now it starts: talking baout there are 2 per months out of those quests mentioned above and being honest i start after 5 months of playing doing it.
Makes i recieved 12 there.

So there are 22 Left.
I checked my paypal and i see that i bought 4 Packs for 109€ where there is a big item too.
So 18 Left.

Now a question i am not sure how many times in atlantis you get those chest where is one item inside (5 perhaps?) then its “sold out”
Well i did since i am playing round about 250 Atlantis drafts what results in perhaps 15 Chests cause i pulled much more often for alberich and hel far over the max chest you get.
So be fair lets say 15 chests, now in 50% (perhaps 100% i am not sure) of them are such items what means again 7-8 ones.

So 10 left, i am not sure if its not a 100% chance to get them in those chests…
Then those “small” packs to buy for items - i bought 4 times…

6 left. So finally i got 6 4*** ascending materials in 11 months of playing, a year in 1 week so 1 item every 8 weeks.

Sry but this is really a joke…
There is nothing to talk about i am nearly lvl 40 so not very inactive here …

Really would like a statement from them, it has nothing to do with any fun of playing this …


Wait so you never get the ascension items from that same color? Is a mix and match? Damn?

Sry dont understand your question Here! I dont get anything when i dont buy

Those 4 * ascension material was distribute in random basis. If I recall correctly, this month alone, I’ve had received 3 tonics. Each from a mystic vision, titan loot and a normal monster chest ( a first time for me after playing for exactly a year). Another 2 tome of tactics. Again, one from mystic vision and another one from elemental monster chest. That is almost close to a one year collection!
You probably need a little bit more patience as this game is designated for a long term playing. There are gamers who did not pull a single 5 * after a year of playing.
You will eventually get more of those 4 * ascension material. Just a matter of time.

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Yeah thats what is the problem for me, you pulled more in this months than i did in a year, and thats the problem i see and what frustartes me…

As i said before its ok that those items are rare but if they say you can get it in mythic visions and those boxes for example with a 1% chance it really would be fair for people who are unlucky to say for each opened box whithout the chance increases by 1% for the next box. So at least it depend still in luck but hard work and playing a lot is a bit rewarded. So lucky people still can be happy about gaining 20 of those items per month but people like me who are unlicke at least get a chance with high activity to get those items too.

For now its just a luck for each box again. I open 4-5 Boxes a day and didnt get something out from them since june this year. That makes round about 4-500 boxes without a single item.

I am really sorry but here is really a problem in the system… And for now sry to say but i dont care if perhaps in 8 months my luck will turn a bit.
I have 3 ascended 5* heros and all of them are ascended due to massive investent without that i would have 0 after nearly a year, you say there are a lot of players like this, i think you are wrong since i play i never see a lvl 40+ guy without t5 heros ascended to 4/x

Lvl 47 here… got 4 fully leveled 5*
Took me 10 months to get 6 darts (s2 hard included) … on the other hand I got 12 tonics an no worthy green 5* (Kingston come to me plz) and 6 or 7 scopes and no blue 5* at all

Game is RNG … simple as that. Period

I ascended my first 5 * at xp lvl40. Currently at xp lvl49 and I don’t even have a complete rainbow team of 5 * yet . With 12 darts, I’ve got no luck with holy legendary. Only time will tell if I ever get one.
The randomness is what make this game quite a level playing field for p2p, c2p and f2p.

Game should be fun. Too much expectation will kill the fun.

You’ve been playing nearly a year, so have I come Oct 27.

Currently I’ve 22 maxed 5*. While you’ve stated that your length of play has been nearly a year, how frequent do you play? In my opinion and experience, this game rewards frequency over duration.

Here’s my experience. I play daily, almost every waking hour. I open anywhere from 5-8 chests in a 24hr period (enough that an elemental chest appears every 3-8 days). I miss no quests, no events. I fight titans daily (12*-14*) and make sure to rank at the very least B. I participate in all wars and tourney’s. I miss no opportunities.

So, how much do you actually play in a day?

I do not understand what your question. Rare Quest are always rotates with exact rotation, it can be repeat after some rotation, and this happen for everyone, not only for me.

That is real bad luck I guess. I have played for the exact time like you, a little over 11 months and I am a FTP player, which means I don’t buy any offers. But in this time I have got a total of 94x 4* and 352x 3* ascension materials. I am also very active, level 53 currently. I just routinely do two monster chests and 1-2 raid chests every day. And complete all rare quests, watch all mystic visions and am always in loot tier 9 or above in titans. Are you also doing the same?