Dropping trained heroes

I had 8 purple heroes training and 7 blue beroes training. I left the game for awhile. When I returned icons were showing for completed training. I tapped the icon for the blue heroes and tapped 2 blue hero icons as complete. I tapped the purple hero complete icon and noticed that my hero stash only showed 1 hero was added. I finished the transaction for 2 completed purple heroes. Only 1 was added to the stash count. I checked the actual cou t and only 2 heroes had been added rather than 4. I checked back on my heroes still in training and saw that they both showed 5 rather than 6 purple a d 5 blue like it should have been. Please correct this glitch.

The same thing has been seen on my team and clicked on heroes are the All I saw that I had hero One star and heroes where to be 4 - 6 Stars but one star mad me mad as hell. But did not know who to Complain to back in the beginning. But Luck getting help and they listen this time!

Checked if those were double/tripple? Then it only shows two times

I sent them an email about this happening to my account as well, they pretty much called me a liar and said it can’t happen.

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