Dropping rates of items has decreased- Constantly running out of Bones, Iron, Oil

I haven’t seen any indication that drop rates are changing, but it takes so much data to see a change that I might not notice for months.

I have seen that they are random and streaks, both good and bad are common.

I have also seen that most players start out with low level forges, not able to craft much, and build up a surplus of many/all items, them later start crafting more for titans, challenges, and trials, and start to run out of things.

Trials did probably make it worse. I haven’t collected data on what drops for trials, but I’ve seen nothing in the game so far that had good farming (per flag) at 20WE, and that’s another regular thing that many players need to use crafted items to complete.

In other words, trials make you get a bit less crafting ingredients, while making you use more battle items.


Why I’m really looking forward to this feature. Will let you see actual trends and dates of when you get things. I know going a week or two without an ascension item feels like forever (especially when your alliance members keep getting items), but it’s all confirmation bias. When you get items all the time, it feels standard instead of good RNG luck.


It is not just that players need to use items to complete these emblems quest, it is that these quest takes a loot of energy. Energy that were used for farming before these quest were release.


8-7 just doesn’t have all the mats you need for the more expensive items. Farming season 2 on hard mode will give you a much bigger spread of items

I feel like some people farm 8-7 way too much because they are focusing solely on recruits. Recruits aren’t the only valuable item to farm.


I agree. And fortunately, 2:15-8 Hard and 2:15-9 Normal give excellent recruits, only 5% less than 1:8-7 gives, so you can get good recruits and better crafting items now.


Rate of consumption

I agree

Only 1* but 4x needed

One of the interesting choices of high level Battle items is they use multiple of simple items.

Tornado - Gryphonkits favorite item - uses 4x Crude iron
Time stop uses 4x Oil
Revive scroll uses 4x Firestone

So they may be 1* / 2* ingredients, but now you need them to drop 4x as frequently. This is especially problematic if you are regularly using 3* / 4* items on titans since you get 1 titan energy per 4 hours.

Season 2

Thank you for the info.

Titan energy

When the Devs changed titan energy to 1 per 4 hours, lots of players complained about the reduced farming time.

But this was actually a response to people not getting a last chance to hit the titan since you had to wait so long between refills, bad boards having a larger effect on your score, and hitting the titan more often just being more fun.

At the same time, I wish they had increased titan energy bar to 4 or 5, or added single titan energy refills ( shop or mini-flask ) instead of the full energy bar refill. But that is not the Devs decided.


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I like the theory that we are burning lots of flags on low-item activities, like Class Trials, rather than farming high-item levels.


I mentioned this problem when raids first came out, I also stated that people won’t realized the problem until they start running out of items.


I agree.

Unfortunately I think the Devs did it deliberately.

Many MMOs are about choosing how to allocate your resources.


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:1. * > Crappy loot! I have warriors quitting the game due to a big decrease in good loot!! 2 members just in the last 24 hours!! This is ridiculous!! Wth happened!? We are not even getting good materials when we farm anymore! Sg is making it harder and harder to do anything on this game without spending money!! WHAT A RIP OFF!! SHAME ON YOU SMALL GIANT!!

Welcome to RNG

20 random dice rolls

I would encourage you to read this thread, which is a very recent one on the subject:

(@Kerridoc, @Zephyr1, @Rook, possible merge)


That’s bs… Sg has gotten greedy!

Where’s ur proof? I tend to disagree based on my acquisitions

I’m getting stuff just fine. If two whiny people left your guild, it only made the overall atmosphere better :wink:


The final phase of the class quests use what 40-60 energy per week or so?

You generate 1008 world energy per week. I don’t think 40/1008 being less efficient is really causing any huge problems.

I think it’s where you choose to spend the other 968 energy that’ll determine what items you’re farming, what you’re low on, etc.

Another big factor is how sustainable are your titan hits? I used to use a bear banner at the start of every titan and multiple mana potions. We dropped down one star on titans and now I’m using zero items and still getting top 5 or near top 5. You’ve got to ask yourself if your items are best used daily for titan hits, monthly for challenges, weekly for rare quests and/or class trials, etc. Is your item usage sustainable? Are your items getting you more ascension materials or would you do just as well halving your item usage on titans?

Some people use so many expensive items on titans that I think their usage just isn’t sustainable long term.

This game is all about choices. You choose which resources to farm, how to spend your resources, how to use your items, etc.


20 WE is VERY steep. 12 WE seems a lot better to me. especially if like today it takes 3 tries to get thru…

20 WE for a 3* trainer? I’ll take that deal any day of the week

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Tighter supply and higher demand

You are not wrong.

It is both the loss of time AND the significant increased consumption of materials.

I skipped rare and legendary tiers of challenge events because the rewards were crap. Most of my alliance did also.

So I only spent energy AND 3* / 4* ingredients on Epic tier. Some I skipped the Challenge event entirely.

Now that I get Emblems, I am burning through my ingredients to complete Legendary tiers on challenge events and Challenging stage on class quests. I crafted zero 100% mana and Attack - Bombs, Dragon before emblems. So I was sitting on a huge stockpile of their ingredients. Now I consume them regularly completing two class quests per week and one legendary tier per month.

Aside, I would rather run out of all my ingredients getting emblems - one of the few items in the game that can be transferred between heroes - than hoard them. Good job Devs.


+1000x :heart_decoration:

Gryphonkit, my wife, used all her ingredients up on 3* / 4* items for titan hits, even though our alliance was find without such huge numbers.

Now she regularly has to spend 75g to continue on Class quests due to lack of 100% mana, Attack- Dragon, Bomb.

Was 60WE for that trainer today. Not 20. I stamd by based off of what you get on season 2 hard mode at 12 WE. 20 is still steep. To each their own.

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