Dropping rates of items has decreased- Constantly running out of Bones, Iron, Oil

As I am not a scientist, statistician, or anything close to a “mathlete” of any kind, I had to look up what a 5 sigma event was - a 1 in 3.5 million (!!!) probability!

I am hoping the activity log that should be coming very soon will really help with some of this…I know I had a very skewed perception of drop rates until I started tracking items …… that includes not just farming, but chests and titan loot, too.

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Let’s say it: @Garanwyn is @Revelate undercover.

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I know people are passionate about Empires, but lets try to be civil to everyone.

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What do u consider long enough? I’m bout 9 months in. I get the general understanding of how RNG works. Sorry ur luck sucks

From a couple days ago

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How much loot are people getting randomly? Without accelerating chests I’ve gotten 1 of the 6-need ascension items per 16 days. (Not counting the guaranteed performance results such as rare quests. Just counting drops.) [Sorry. Got distracted by Duche’s titan. Thread is about farming drops.]

this seems to be the most relevant comment. people dont start using high level crafting materials until much later when the forge is high enough level and resource surplus lets you afford it. then one quickly burns through high level materials collected during months of previous play and think drops are reduced.

I’m wondering if you could provide the data you’ve collected to provide actual anecdotal evidence of whether or not loot is dropping in 8-7.

I hadn’t noticed, but then again I haven’t been taking notes so I’ll start to.

Out of curiosity I recorded the results of 30 runs at 8-7. The averages were:
Loot - 18 (range 20 - 15)
Meat - 1654 (range 1714 - 1606)
Iron - 3564 (range 3768 - 3310)
Recruits - 9 (range 8 - 10)

This is just a snapshot, not an opinion just data. Can we gather more of this before making sweeping generalisations that loot drops have decreased?

Have a great day :smile:

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I can put to bed the claim that the chests never went below 18 before on 8-7. I went back through my video archive looking for data. I was collecting tile damage data for an analysis back in January, and I video’d the run.

Here’s direct evidence of a 16 chest run from well before v20.

I’ll be happy to upload the whole video if you’d like to verify.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

@DracoLovesRi And here is a 14 chest run I took screenshots of from 10 December 2018, from when I was recording runs for potential inclusion in Hotdamnmess’ loot project:

With this, “I don’t care” kinda attitude you are showing. No wonder folks are quitting! You are the 1% getting good loot then, so enjoy. I will never spend another penny on this game, no matter what kinda deals they run. And I’ll be looking around for a better, more team oriented game to replace this one. What a joke of a response! And what a joke this game has become! I use to sing your praises… now I wouldn’t brag a bit on this con-game! Block my post on forum? Ha! Don’t want the word spreading on how bad the loot is now! That’s all that is! Geeee thanks so so much for your non-exsistent support team… yet another example of a con-game! lol

Ha! Saying stupid is offensive. I’ve seen far worse post! And I don’t need quotes! I would love a sincere answer or explanation to why alll of a sudden loot is so awful!! Quest, missions, Titan chest, war chest, hero chest, etc… it is in every aspect of the game… and all we, that’s me and a whole lot of other gamers that play this game, can come up with is Sg has become greedy!

Loot is random as it always has been.

Don’t mistake a bad luck streak for item rates dropping.

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It is simply not accurate to say that loot has suddenly become awful.

Loot drops are random, and true randomness is streaky. When people experience bad luck at the same time as a new version comes out, there’s a very natural tendency to assume that the two things are correlated.

But they aren’t correlated. There are always plenty of people having bad luck at any given time. Because drop probabilities are low, this is to be expected.

Those people with bad luck are complaining about their luck right now, though, and if you were already thinking that maybe loot had suddenly gotten worse, then hearing those complaints would reinforce your perception.

But there are, equally, plenty of people who are getting lucky right now. If you asked them, they might well say that loot had improved. And that would be wrong too.


I cannot eat that. The emergency ration has my Arch Nemesis’ face on the packaging!!!

Several forum users have spent time explaining the situation.

If you do not believe us, that is you right.

Devs help those who help themselves

When forum users have proved loot is broken. SGG has fixed it in the next update ( see Notes )


Click for boring details

* Two new common Troop types added to ensure all elements have same amount of troops available in summons. (Linky, linky )

Were troop drop rates reduced with 1.12? (Data from ~1000 runs) DEV RESPONSE = NO

Were troop drop rates reduced with 1.12? (Data from ~1000 runs) DEV RESPONSE = NO

Can't seem to find red troops for farming

Lack of Fire troops

Where to farm for certain color troops?

Troops? Where?


Have fun…

I have been recording 8.7 drop summaries for quite some time (over 600). I stopped doing it, so this is old data:
for each item, e.g. food, iron, recruits, mats, totals, there are min/max values and histogram distribution.
As you can see, total items were from 14 to 23, although this includes troops, which arent counted in the chest number, so the displayed chests could be even fewer. if someone is interested, I can put the whole data on google spreadsheet or something.
P.S. items included only mat, e.g. ascension and crafting, so total is recruits plus items plus heroes/troops.


Ask and you shall receive.

Thanks for the data not more opinion.