Dropping from Diamond Arena to Silver to have fun Raiding with 3*

It has been discussed before the putting up of a “dummy” defence team in Alliance Wars.

The intended benefit is:

  1. forces opponent to “waste” a flag for very few points
  2. Skews more points towards the “harder” teams as a portion of the points are distributed based on team HP

Whether those benefits actually occur in reality I am not so sure… We (the horde) faced it just recently…

Personally I didn’t see any real impact on the overall scoring as a result of this “tactic”… Teams that were harder still ended up being killed in one or two hits (three at the worst) but that would have been the same anyways… so no real change in points there…

It was an annoyance to “waste” a flag but for us, it was a guaranteed kill every time… so free points really.

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