Dropping from Diamond Arena to Silver to have fun Raiding with 3*

I’m creating a separate thread to move some discussion from 🕵 Act Casual – How do you go from being a very active player to somewhat casual? that’s specifically about putting up a 3* Defense and using 3* Heroes on Offense as a break from regular Raiding.

Original post that kicked off this discussion:


It does. There’s a huge variety of defense teams in lower leagues and if you get bored of fair fights you can just nuke them with a 5* team.



If you get tired of fighting GM/Telly/Vela combos and the like, you can always drop down to platinum and beat up on my mostly 4* heroes… why not? Everyone else does… :laughing:


I just put this up, to see where I land:

I figured 3* Troops instead of 2* were fair to try to start, since I don’t have many Emblems on 3* Heroes.


Oh, and I attacked and immediately fled 6 times to drop 157 cups as a start.

That plus avoiding Raiding today has me down to 2327.


I hate raids so I cup drop. I set my defense for around 3900 and don’t change it. I get a nice variety of opponents and if they choose to revenge me, they can fight my 3900 team.

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I hate raids too.

But when you see my 3900 team… that’s not me cup dropping… sadly, that’s my actual team:worried: :tired_face: :sob:



You wanna brainstorm on a possible friendly forum 3* raid competition?

This isn’t as off-topic as it seems. See?!


I’m not sure if I’ll participate, but sounds like a fun idea! I think we should brainstorm in a separate thread, though.

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@zephyr1 @Math4lyfe count me in


Down to 1837 cups as of this morning.

Current matchup is 3-70 5* and moderately Emblemed 4*. So I think I need to drop a bit farther before I get to face some 3*.

I’m going to flee some more flags to drop farther.

Fled 6 times, down to 1694 now.

Next match shown is this team:

Guess I have to drop farther. :thinking:


A teampower of 26xx has 3 4*s at 3/60 and two maxed 3s… holds around 1k in cups. Fwiw.


I might need to use some Flasks to drop farther by fleeing a bunch, then.

I’ll see where I am later today.


That is -24 Trophies each.

You should reroll for -40 at least ( -60 is hard unless you are in Beta ).

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I’d rather spend my Food elsewhere, so it doesn’t seem worth it to me just to drop a bit faster.

I’m at 1605 now, and see a first 3* in the mix.

6 more times fleeing, I’m at 1416 now.

This is the first match when I checked now:


I’m telling ya… 1k is where you need to be.


I’ve dropped around 1200 so far, so it shouldn’t take me a ton longer to get down another 400.

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What a fun challenge for yourself. I’m looking forward to seeing your results. It’s hard to get out of the mindset of dropping from diamond but I’m also at a place where I’m not chasing ascension items.

If you find it’s a good exercise to go through, I may try it with my 4 stars.


quote=“zephyr1, post:1, topic:190196”]
putting up a 3* Defense and using 3* Heroes on Offense as a break from regular Raiding.

I really enjoy 3* tourneys … I raid because it’s a great way to farm ham/iron. I, too, am watching this thread, because diamond raiding is kinda meh, and I might find 3* raids more to my enjoyment…

Thanx for sharing, @zephyr1


Funny how it’s almost as hard to drop cups as to hold onto 'em. But you’ll get there!

Logging on to your account every half hour or so to see how many cups you’ve dropped is missing the point of going casual, though, and if you’re not offline enough no-one will be able to raid you down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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