Drop rates of Aethers in victorious war loot

Hi guys!

Is somebody out there who is tracking the drop rate for Aethers in war loot?

I did ask the customer service if there is any announcement about this but got no straight answer.

So unlike the tournament loot this is not transparent.

Did anybody do any statistic in a larger alliance-group?

Thank you!

Data gathered in 1 to 2 months of war victories doesn’t amount to a solid statistics. Maybe before the year ends, one of the top guys from top alliances will be able to share that info. Too early to tell.


I think it’s too large to actually track.
Each allaince member will get different loot from a win or a loss. As both is possible with in loot from a war.
People will probably track it but as ultra said it will take along time to get any decent data.


Not a solid but probably close enough… like 50% of the participant gets at least one roll or 75%…

For an alliance group of 100 members over like 5 wars should be a sample size of 250 cases… if they have 50% win-loss ratio…

At least they can predict the have or have-not ratio…

Is it just my impression or there are less Aethers given in war loot? I seem to remember that I was getting 2-3 aethers after each win. For a couple of months I’m getting only one Aether after each win.

The War Aether loot chances are changed in Version 44.

We do not know what we the changes exactly for Wars.

Only the Raid tournament changes are known:

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Thanks! It seems in line with what I’ve been noticing, though I consider it a :poop: move, even if they give it a positive spin.

For me this means that if before they were giving chances for 3 aethers and some of them could be II or III, now if you don’t get the roll for Aether II or Aether III, it’s lost completly instead of getting an Aether I instead. And for sure this is not linked with being a top player or not, as I’ve been getting only one Aether I despite being regularly #1 in wars.

Personally I am quite affected as I now have more Aether II and even III than I can use because I lack Aether I.

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Mee too I have not received any five star Aethers since this change from Wars and Tournamnets either. :confounded:

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