Drop rates for 4* troops

has anyone analysed the actual drop rates for 4* troops, I suspect that it is lower than the advertised 10%.

I calculated it on my account it’s about 7% 4* troops after about 8 months of playing (i have about 100 3* and 4* troops total, and 7 of them are 4*, maybe a small few of the 3* troops were from daily summon but close enough). However this doesn’t mean the actual drop rate is 7%. The sample size from one account probably is too small to reflect the actual drop rate, you’d have to pool data from many accounts to say. I believe them that the odds are as advertised, aka the odds are bad haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Without a large dataset, we’re all just guessing.

I know someone who got 4 red 4* troops in their first few months.

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I got a 4* purple on my first ETT used in the game. I had no idea it was special for months…

But I’ve not tracked my progress but anecdotally I feel like I’m above the 10%. I have quite a lot of 4* and I only ever use the ETT the game gives me

You’ve suspected right. It’s actually 9.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%, but they rounded up.

Burn this mother down?


All I know is I got 27 4* troops in 20 months of playing, all pull comes from ETT.

I have an idea, why not ask a beta tester to test it in beta? Is that possible?

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I’m way below 10%.
About 10 Months of playtime, roughly estimated 100-150 pulls from ETT.
Result: 4x 4* Troops (And this includes a duplicate)

I have 24 4* troops from only free ETT drops. I’ve been playing over a year, starting sometime after the Easter Event last year; Sand Empire will be my first repeat Seasonal Event to give you an idea of time frame. Still missing red mana troop.

We can do a bunch of pulls, but I’m not sure we can do enough to really know.

If I do 100 pulls and only get 2, that seems ridiculous…

… But 1-in-500 people will have that happen.

Over 5% of the people doing 100 pulls will get 5 or fewer 4* troops.

It would take a lot more pulls than anyone is going to want to do!


At 150 pulls, this would be a 1-in-2000 event. Sorry you are the unlucky one…

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How many troops can be pulled in 1 beta period? I have never been a tester so I don’t exactly know how it works.

However many you have gems for. They usually add 10k gems for testing different things… So if you have 6k gems in the main game, you’d start beta with 16k. That would let you pull 100 troops.

You cannot add additional gems to any meaningful degree, so to test more you would have to start all over.

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Anecdotically I am above the expected average, at 23 four star troops out of 193 summons.
This is just the way RNG works… I am way below 5* pulls so it evens out

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IM far above 10%.
I did maybe 5 10x pulls and some tokens and i have 4 yellow mana troops 1 yellow crit,3 red mana and one crit,2 purple crit and one mana,2 blue mana and one crit and one green mana.

BTW doing troop pulls is best investment because you always get something usefull (3 troops are great feeders)

I don’t know, but it’s definitely less than 10% for me. I pull 5* heroes more than I pull 4* troops

Less than 10% for small samples for sure, maybe it will get to 10% but over 10 times x 100 pulls.

Also getting mana troop seems rare - like 10% chance when you pull 4* .

I have 27 4* troops: 15 Critical + 12 Mana.

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I’ve four green 4* troops and no red troops. I really want the red troops. tons of feeders waiting for it.