Drop Bears! looking from active members or allaince merge

We are fun, social alliance which was recently created with almost all members over 3k. We are currently on 6-7* titans and looking for active members or another alliance to merge with who want to progress to stronger titans. Please come visit or send reply if your interested in a merge!


Hi! My alliance is also looking to merge - we are hitting 6/7* titans with a core group of around 26 members, ranging from 3800tp down to newbies.

It sounds like we might be a good match? You can contact me here or on Line (LineID: Theylbossman) if you are interested.

Hi Theyl,

Sorry for late reply Uni has been a bit crazy. We have about 20 members atm but some are alts so we could probably wiggle it down to about 16-17. All but 2 are ranging from mid 3700 - 3000 with the exception of 2 who are around the 2600 mark. If we were to merge I would like to bring 15 if possible but if you have such a big core of 26 not sure how we could do it. Unless we move big hitters into one alliance and the lowbies into a feeder alliance that way we can move back and forth based on ppl being away or other commitments? Not sure if that would work? Let me know. I also sent message through line app