Drifting with no goal

Someone once told me if my TC20 kept generating 3* to run it for something else for a bit (say TC2), then return to TC20.

I recently did just this and went from a long string of 3* to Grimm (this morning). I’ll see if I get anything better over the next few days.

I like the “take a quick break” advice. Don’t do anything you don’t want to, of course! :wink:

Maybe go be a Merc for a few days, or join a baby alliance and teach them what you know. Something to break the grind.

@jinbatsu I love your 10 month spreadsheet!

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Put focus into bettering your alliance and teammates. Just what i do

My growth hits walls, but alliance growth and teammate growth don’t so always somethin to work on

I made an alt account just to stay there and hold its place so the alliance doesn’t disappear

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If raiding is your concern, then variety is obviously the goal. Skittleskull isn’t the best but having more than 2 for wars is overkill. We all develop what heroes we get. When I started, I kept getting multiples of heroes, so I would be leveling those up so that I can actually field 30 decent heroes. As a result, I have 2 ascended Little Johns, and another 2 at 3/60. I just never got any other 4* greens or 5* until relatively recently. Similarly with Boldtusk, Grimm, Rigard, Sabina and Hu Tao. I ended up getting around 4-6 of them before getting other 4* heroes. Luckily, I did start getting other heroes so some of the multiples ended up as feeders, but generally I had at least 1 fully ascended and 1 at 3/60. I don’t feel it as a waste as they can be serviceable war bench strength. Plus, many times we see teams who consolidate on one colored tank. Having 12-18 of the strong color means you can have an effective 6 attacks. I find that there’s always a hero to work on. At one point, I thought I wasn’t progressing, then finally get a few blue heroes which was my main weakness. Yeah, so I get the 5* heroes that people don’t think are good: Thorne, Leonidas, Justice, Elkanen, Quintus, and Obakan, but whatever fills the roster. On the other hand, I recently got Merlin and my second Proteus, so that’s good.

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I was starting to feel similar so its not just you. I’m at 17 months now. 16 5* all from tc20 except 2, joon and mitsuko. I am lucky that I have most of the good ones and only magni and justice dupes. At least 1 in each color is max, plus I have all the 4* s1 and all the s2 4s but Wilbur.
Like you said you want 5* and I am at that point. My next green is either horghall or a 4* little John or Skittles or melendor dupe. Same with a few other colors.
There’s no real hope for getting Atlantis coins with all the levels done so maybe 2 pulls a month at best. I get about 3 challenge coin pulls each event and got Peters from pirates but no 5.

I am looking forward to costumes but they seem like a lot of grind for a s1 hero at the end of the day that’s all it is.

Maybe if s3 came out it would help. Maybe the path of valor will change things up a bit. I also left my Alliance and went solo with my alt account.

I am going to play through it hopefully finding a new idea. I’m not quitting but its tough looking at those shiny new heroes and not have a few. I can’t see how it would hurt giving loyalty bonuses to long term players. Like after 12,18,24 months you get a token for a hotm pull where its only then in the pool or something similar. Other games give you heroes even earlier and they are fixed heroes that you know what you’re getting.
Hopefully it passes but I’ve never played a game this long even on consoles or pcs and certainly never mobile games. But stick around maybe they’ll include hotm in the hero academy,


Thanks for your answer, guys. I apreciate you took the time! I’ll find a way most likely, and if I won’t, It’s a game after all… but your support is really apreciated!


That’s interesting. Mine produce a lot of 4*s, but no 5*s yet. 28% so far - more than I can keep up with. I’m not sure if I want to fool around with that. Just got Kelile this morning, so now I’m looking for Tibs, Sabina and Kiril to finish my set. Oops, forgot about Little John. I guess I’m not that close yet!

@Ian487 I guess even at my point, I run into boredom, as well. Raiding is enjoyable, but I accept that I’m stuck at low platinum right now. Farming is the worst for me. I’ve recently started working through S2 hard, which I know you’re done with already. So that’s a more enjoyable use of WE, knowing that I’m also grinding out coins in hopes of new summons. But yeah, after AR this month, I’m tempted to setup two TC20s, two TC11s, and just take a break (aside from rare quests). At the very least, to stop farming chests. Sorry I don’t have any real direction to offer.

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About farming… farming is of course dull, but most important. It allows you to get the recruits needed to store ham and the low level mats for titan battle items. You don’t have to farm by hand. I farm while watching a movie, while cooking, on my way to work, at the office, but never by hand, always on auto. Farming for 43 WE doesn’t take that much time and actually even less attention. Back when I was dealing with S2 hard, I only went there during AR, to take advantage of the boosted loot and low energy cost. It took a long time, but it was rewarding in terms of crafting items.

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